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Greeks Created Democracy, Now They Strive to Revive It


The European Union (EU) will find its true meaning and have a bright future only if it gets voluntarily accepted by a union of like-minded sovereign nations as opposed to being hanged by the weak thread of a bank note, French journalist Dominique Jamet said in Boulevard Voltaire.



© AFP 2015/ Louisa Gouliamaki

I Applaud Greek People for Saying 'No' – Bernie Sanders

More than 61 percent of Greek voters rejected on Sunday austerity measures proposed by Athens' major international creditors — the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and some Eurozone nations — in a nationwide referendum.


The event caused quite a stir on the international arena. Some were furious with Greece's decision, others saw the referendum as a sign of a new dawn of democracy rising on the horizon in southeastern Europe. "A free man can't do anything, but to welcome Greece!" — Jamet said, as cited by Boulevard Voltaire.

Greece refused to believe the empty promises given by EU technocrats, bankers and politicians who all tried to lead the Greeks by their noses vowing new bailout plans which would have resulted in even more debt. The people of Greece ignored caution and fear, choosing to keep their pride and independence, Jamet said.


© Flickr/ IMF

Greece Needs to Restore Financial Independence – IMF Chief

"The Greeks made an extremely important, but risky choice. What a lesson for other governments! What an example to other nations!" — Jamet couldn't hold back his enthusiasm.


The Greek referendum became a struggle to renew democracy, American political blogger and publicist John Nichols said.

According to Mr. Nichols, a crisis is also an opportunity: the people of Greece voted for developing a "more humane and functional" economics, based on growth and economic responsibility, instead of failed austerity policies.

True democracy is non-negotiable, and the Greek government has clearly demonstrated that, the publicist noted, adding that Greece, the country that gave birth to democracy many centuries ago, is now fighting for its eternal and fundamental values.   



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