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Russia Discloses Number of Warships It Has the World's Oceans

More than eighty Russian Navy ships of various classes currently remain on duty at sea, according to the country's Defense Ministry.


© Sputnik/ Ruslan Krivobok

Russian Navy to Get Over 20 Ship-Borne Fighter Jets by Year-End

The Russian Defense Ministry said that more than 80 naval ships of various classes are currently on mission in different areas of the World Ocean, including the Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The 'World Ocean' is the interconnected system of Earth's oceanic waters, comprising all of the oceans and seas of the world.


The information was disclosed in a Defense Ministry press service message dedicated to Russia's Navy Day.

"Right now, the scheduled tasks in different areas of the World Ocean are being implemented by more than eighty warships and support vessels of various classes. Intense preparations are underway in the run-up to the research vessel Admiral Vladimir's unprecedented voyage to Antarctica, due to begin between November and December 2015. The goal is to deal with the oceanographic and hydrographic research of water and the coastal areas of Antarctica," the press service said.

In particular, more than ten warships and supply vessels are now on duty in the Mediterranean as part of Russia's permanent naval task force in this area, according to the Defense Ministry.


© Sputnik/ Igor Russak

Raising the Navy flag ceremony on board the Rostov-on-Don submarine

The press service also said that the group of warships led by the guards missile cruiser Moskva of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is currently carrying out a number of tasks in the South Atlantic. 

Also on duty are Russian naval ships in the Gulf of Aden and near the Horn of Africa, where they are tasked with ensuring civilian navigation security.

© Sputnik/ Igor Russak

Official ceremony of raising Russian Navy colors on Novorossiysk diesel-electric submarine

In addition, the press service said that the two diesel-electric submarines of Project 636, the Novorossiysk and the Rostov-on-Don, will enter service when they join the Russian Black Sea Fleet later this year.

 "The headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet's submarine squadron has been established in the city of Novorossiysk; the crews were trained earlier at a Russian naval center," the press service said.

Meanwhile, a new generation of ships is reportedly being built for the Black Sea Fleet; they will include six patrol ship class units capable of escorting ships, containing sea pirates and maintaining stationing site safety.


© Sputnik/ Oleg Lastochkin

Russian Navy's New Sonar Can 'Hear' Every Sub Anywhere

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry pledged to respond in kind to the modernization of US warships, and equipped them with missile defense systems.


The ministry said that Moscow will take appropriate technical retaliatory measures, adding that since the beginning of 2010, the Pentagon has purchased 200 interceptor missiles, and will buy 50 more before the end of this year.




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