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Israel in Syria Pushes World to Brink of War

By Gordon Duff,  September 30, 2015

Russian Threat to Shoot Down US Planes Over Syria Traced to Mossad Memo to Press Assets


Russia has begun air operations over Syria today based on an request from President Assad and in consultation with the Secretary General of the United Nations, in full accordance with international law.  However, a massive flood of disinformation of every kind, shape and color is flowing across not only the internet but television and remaining print media as well.

It all tracks down to Israel. America’s very controlled press is carrying one story but in many variations.  According to Fox News, a Russian 3 star general stormed into the US embassy in Baghdad, knocking people down, screaming and raising his fist in the air:

“We will shoot down any American planes inside Syria, America must remove them now or else.”

More stories tell of threats by Putin and demands that America remove its planes. Other stories tell of a statement by President Obama that America will continue bombing Syria and that if Russia interferes, America will take action.

Here is CNN’s own version of the hoax, an imaginary US official, a ploy CNN uses over and over when they need to push a hoax on the public:

But a senior U.S. administration official told CNN’s Elise Labott the Russian airstrike near the city of Homs “has no strategic purpose” in terms of combating ISIS, which “shows they are not there to go after ISIL.” ISIL is another acronym for ISIS.

The official said the U.S. had no intention of preventing the strikes but that Russian planes didn’t seem to be flying in areas where the U.S. was operating. “They are not stupid,” the official said.

Let’s be honest here.  There was no official, there is no after action report done this quickly, it simply isn’t possible.  This means Elise Labott is an intelligence asset of Israel’s, no surprise here.  This is just another lightweight funneled into usefulness in order to, when called upon, burn herself, her news bureau and push a hoax that in a more just world would destroy the career of any real journalist.  Please excuse my use of the term “real journalist.”

There is just one problem with this:

We have been able to confirm none of it other than to a trail leading to Tel Aviv. Sticking my neck out on this a bit, it seems that this is a Mossad hoax meant to push the US and Russia to war since Putin threatened Israel during his UN “after speech” press conference.

There President Putin said that he was making good advances in Russia’s relationship with Israel except for one minor problem, Israel’s bombing campaign against Syria.

Taken in the understated tone and context in which Putin made this statement, any nation that would ignore something like this would be insane.

We may well be seeing Israel’s response, an attempt to draw the United States to their side, and by this we means Israel’s air support for the 800 Israeli troops now fighting alongside ISIS inside Syria.

The Israeli ground forces deployed across Syria constitute one of the worst kept military secrets in the world.

Further, there are also unattributed statements also traced to the Mossad that Russia is only attacking Free Syrian Army positions and not ISIS.

For those who are unaware, the Free Syria Army disbanded in February 2015. Fox News even claimed Russian ships, mind you not aircraft carriers, we mounting air assaults on Syria. You just can’t make this stuff up.

This is the headline from the UK Telegraph, written just after their editorial board got a visit from Israeli intelligence:

Putin defies West as Russia bombs ‘Syrian rebel targets instead of Isil’

Just to reiterate some facts.

  • Russia was asked by Syria to give military support against the terrorist groups that no sane person can avoid admitting are NATO formed and backed.
  • Russia has asked the UNSC for a resolution against ISIS, something the US has been stalling on for some reason.
  • Time we admitted that the Free Syrian Army is a pack of thugs and malcontents on the CIA payroll, hired to stage a phony color revolution in Syria the same way the neo-Nazi thugs paid by the CIA have pushed Ukraine to a civil war.

Here, at least, we have informants that quickly put Israel’s face on some very nasty work.

This is the map used by the Telegraph.  Note that the imaginary Free Syrian Army, that nobody can find, is shown to be in control of territory entirely under the very real control of the al Qaeda group known as al Nusra.

The crazy map that nobody understands isn’t the half of it.

We also caught DEBKA, the Israeli black propaganda group tied to Stratfor and InfoWars, doing something crazier still.

They claim the Saudi Defense Minister announced today that if al Qaeda didn’t successfully defeat Assad, they were going to send in troops.  Of course, that is providing Yemen leaves some Saudi troops alive.

We know this, Russia is deploying advanced air defenses over Syria quickly including the Golan region where Israel has staged air assaults on behalf of ISIS, the assaults President Putin mentioned as his only issue with Israel.

Today, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yalon announced that Israel would continue attacking Syria, an announcement we believe is predicated on the success of the Mossad’s black propaganda “charm offensive” that is now flooding the mainstream media, or at least the lowest rungs



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