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October 1, 2015 Update of the Russian operation in Syria

October 1, 2015 Update of the Russian operation in Syria



October 1, 2015


Aircraft of the Aerospace forces of the Russian Federation prevented the recovery of the underground command post of the militants of the "Islamic state" (also known as ISIS) in the province of Hama in Syria. This was reported to journalists by the official representative of the Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

"We foiled an attempt to rebuild by the militants of the underground command post in the province of Hama, which was destroyed during the airstrikes of our aircraft on September 30th," - said the representative of the Defense Ministry. According to him, aerial reconnaissance and the headquarters of the Syrian armed forces timely discovered the restoration work.

"To interdict these works at command post in the El Latamna an additional air strike was carried out, which resulted in two major fires at the control structures," - said Konashenkov, adding that the object was almost destroyed.

Also airstrikes in the area of Maaret al-nu'man, Idlib province, destroyed the infrastructure of ISIS training camps.

"After a direct hit by bombs on the ammunition depot located at this facility, its detonation took place. This has led to the destruction of buildings and vehicles", - said the General.


"During the day attack aircraft of the Aerospace forces of the Russian Federation continued to inflict pinpoint strikes on the infrastructure of ISIS terrorist group in Syria. From the base of the "Hmeimim" the Russian Su-24M and Su-25 had carried out eight sorties on five ISIS targets," - said Konashenkov.

Objective control data, obtained from various sources, including satellite reconnaissance and unmanned aerial vehicles, confirmed complete destruction by the aircraft Su-24M of command post of the militants at the Northern outskirts of Jisr ash-Shughour in Idlib province, said the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry.

"I want to inform that at the moment after the combat mission at the airbase "Hmeimim" returned the Russian multipurpose Su-34 aircraft", - he said. Aircraft of this type have a significantly greater range and are equipped with the most modern weapons, the General said.

"After processing the data of objective control, we will provide information on the results of application of Su-34 on the ISIS terrorist infrastructure in Syria


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