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Iran on the Ground in Syria.Wel- come to hell


Welcome to hell week in Syria

It’s happened.  Thousands of Iranian special operations troops led by General Suileimani who is now in Latakia.  Combined operations of the Russian Aerospace Command, the Syrian Army and Air Force and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard along with Hezbollah and local National Guard units are moving to secure Aleppo province and Idlib from terrorist elements of Jabat al Nusra and their subordinate command known as the Free Syrian Army along with the terrorist groups now supplied by the United States.

While this is going on, units of the Syrian Army are securing the suburbs of Damascus while units of the Syrian Army are moving to the Jordanian border,slicing through Saudi led and financed “rebel” groups who are fleeing into both Jordan and Israel.

Welcome to hell week in Syria

In Iraq, a plebiscite is being considered to remove the 3000 Americans there who have hampered operations against ISIS from the start.

American bases are ISIS bases. You just can’t make this stuff up


Gordon Duff 


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