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Bombing of Russian Plane “Highly Probable

By Gordon Duff,  November 2, 2015

…by  Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean, VT Editors


A developing story:  Examining key evidence including the location of the “ISIS video” depicting the explosion based on a full evaluation of the crash site location, radar evidence and local sources shows exactly where the team that did the video spent the days prior, waiting for what probably was a bomb timed exactly for them to film.

Best pre-staging overnight position for a video team

Moreover, the team was allowed to escape, back to Aqaba, Jordan because Al Jazeera planted a phony story which kept Egypt from closing its port:

There was, as we now know, no Egyptian source. This was part of the cover up.

The teams involved were tracked from Jordan by boat to Egypt and across land as shown in the graphic above.



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