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Was Russian Jet Downed by Israel-NATO Air Exercise aimed at Russia

By Gordon Duff,                                                                              

Conjugating Russia’s Enemies, missile laden planes all within range of the downed airliner

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

There is little reason to question why government after government, following the barrage of mass media, are blaming ISIS and a bomb for downing the Russian air liner over Sinai.  Let’s remember, it was brought down 22 miles from the Israeli border, filmed by a crew who knew where to wait in advance.

What was never reported is that the skies only miles away were filled with planes from Israel, Poland, Greece, France, Germany and the United States, involved in one of the largest air exercises in history, a “Blue Flag” exercise to simulate a defense of Israel from a Russian air attack.

One plane was lost, shot down, now clearly by an “external explosion,” meaning “a missile,” and that was a Russian air liner with 224 aboard, flying in specially protected international air space under the direct supervision of AWAC radar attack coordination planes from the US and Israel.

Let’s remember the London 7/7 attack, an exercise there or the Boston Marathon bombing, another counter-terrorism exercise.  Even on 9/11, the US Air Force was in a massive exercise that took it to Canada and over the Atlantic, looking for imaginary hijacked air craft that were to be crashed into imaginary buildings.  Oh, you didn’t know that?

Is it any wonder why millions of Americans went bonkers over the Jade Helm exercise?

Are we saying that those involved in the planning and operation of this exercise were responsible for shooting down the Russian air liner?  To that we can only say, yes, very likely or even “extremely likely.”

Based on the news reporting and the altered photos which all clearly shown holes from a missile attack, we can go a bit further.  Sure they did it.

Missile holes from an exercise either “gone wrong” or “like so many others,” a front for a false flag attack

From the Times of Israel

Israel hosts its largest-ever international air force exerciseIsraeli, American, Greek, and Polish air personnel square off against a fictional enemy state in two-week drill

Times of Israel

October 30, 2015 (One Day Before Russian Jet Downed)

Air forces from around the world have gathered deep in the Arava desert in the south of Israel for the past week and a half to take part in the largest aerial exercise in the history of the Israeli Air Force. The “Blue Flag” exercise, which is continuing through November 3, pits the Israeli Air Force, the United States Air Force, Greece’s Hellenic Air Force and the Polish Air Force against a fictional enemy state, the captain in charge of all IAF exercises told The Times of Israel Thursday night.

Taken a few miles away, another “exercise” turned “false flag”…

A number of other countries, including Germany, also sent pilots and officers to observe the exercise, but did not take part.

This joint drill is the second “Blue Flag” exercise; the first took place in 2013 and was the largest multi-lateral exercise the IAF had ever hosted.

The various air forces collaborated closely through every step of the current exercise, the IAF captain said, from planning to execution and finally to debriefing.

Though the exercise began on October 18, planning for it started nearly eight months ago, the Israeli official said, with an IAF representative contacting each participating country and initially asking, “What do you want to train for?”

Those requests came together to form the plan for “Blue Flag,” which sent Israeli and American F-15 squadrons, along with Israeli, Hellenic and Polish F-16 squadrons, flying through nearly all of Israel’s air space, firing simulated weapons against fictional enemy missile launchers, convoys and aircraft, he said.

Though the drill was intensive and demanding, it was designed more to test the mettle of the men and women behind the controls than to test the technical capabilities of the fighter jets themselves.

“We wanted it to be challenging for the airmen, rather than for the machines,” said the IAF captain, who cannot be named for security reasons.

In order to “put the airmen through their paces,” he explained, the people running the exercise tried to surprise them, putting them in situations where “the pilot doesn’t know where their target is coming from.”

“Blue Flag” ends next Thursday.







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