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France To Deploy Aircraft Carrier in Anti-IS Fight in Syria, Iraq

 November 16, 2015

Introduction — Nov 15, 2015

French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle.

The timing of the following AFP report raises serious questions about the deployment of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. Because the carrier’s deployment for operations in Iraq and Syria isn’t being done in response to the Friday Nov 13 attacks in Paris, as readers might think.Instead the observant will note that the following AFP report is dated Nov 3, that’s a full TEN DAYS BEFORE the Paris attacks. The Charles de Gaulle is due to set sail on Nov 18, 2015.Of course that doesn’t necessarily prove that the Paris attacks were false flags. However, they will provide justification for increased air strikes for many in France who might have otherwise opposed them.In fact the timing of the Paris attacks couldn’t have been better for hawks advocating a more forceful policy. The November 13 attacks now gives them carte blanche in Iraq and Syria.So although the British Parliament may have voted against participating with the U.S. in air strikes in Syria, President Obama will now have a reliable and capable European ally in efforts to oust Syrian President Assad.Adding weight to the argument for more French air strikes, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls now claims that the Nov 13 attacks were organised from Syria.In any crime one should always look for motive. The November 13 attacks in Paris had no apparent purpose, beyond killing innocent civilians, or so it seemed.Like 9/11 did for the U.S. and its allies, the events of Nov 13 are pushing France toward a wider conflict in which it will be supported by the U.S., no doubt. Was this the real objective behind the Paris attacks?Photos taken at the National Stadium in Paris on Saturday show President Hollande being informed that:“Nous sommes en guerre, pour les Français qui s’en doutaient.”Which in English means in effect “we are at war,” just as President Bush had been informed at a school reading event on Sept 11, 2001. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself? Ed.


Ready for take-off on the Charles de Gaulle. Click to enlarge

France To Deploy Aircraft Carrier in Anti-IS Fight in Syria, IraqAgence France Press — Nov 3, 2015

The French presidency on Thursday said it would deploy its Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to boost its operations against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

The presence of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the flagship of the French navy, will add to the six Rafale jets stationed in the United Arab Emirates and the six Mirages flying out of Jordan.

The Charles de Gaulle did a two-month stint in the Gulf from February, from where strikes against IS in Iraq were carried out, before returning to its base in the French port of Toulon.

During this time about 20 aircraft carried out 10-15 combat sorties a day, according to the army.

France launched air strikes against the jihadists in Syria in October, after a year of bombing IS in Iraq, saying it was acting in self defense.

France was hit by a jihadist attack in January that left 17 dead and has foiled several other attempted attacks.

The country fears hundreds of citizens that have left to fight with IS in Iraq and Syria will return to launch attacks on home soil.

Since beginning operations in Iraq, French fighter jets have carried out 1,285 aerial missions, resulting in 271 strikes and the destruction of 459 targets.

Only two known strikes have so far been carried out in Syria.


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