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"The Yankee Gambit" - Russian blogger reacts to Turkish act of war


November 24, 2015

Blogger Andre Kuprikov

Translated by Kristina Rus

The post below represents accurately what's on the minds of much of the Russian public today

Gambit (from Italian. gambetto — "to trip") — the general term of action when one of the parties in the interests of rapid escalation sacrifices an asset (usually a pawn, but sometimes a higher-ranking piece) to capture the center or just to the exacerbate the game.

The Turks downed our plane. A video of savages torturing the body of the pilot, possibly from one of the downed Su-24, is spreading online. I am in shock. It's not even a spit, is a solid reason to declare a war. Declare to the entire NATO. 

What to do? How many of our people are now in Turkey? Apparently tens of thousands, emergency evacuation will take at least a week, so for a week, ten days we have to pretend that it's cool. However, there are plenty of Turks in Russia and enough of Turkish dough, so there is something to pinch.

The Turks themselves would clearly not go for this on their own. So they got a go-ahead from Washington, and of course they were fed up with Russia cutting the supply of stolen oil from Syria and Iraq. The Yankees could only silently nod in agreement to Erdogan's ambitions.

Erdogan is a typical Eastern hoodlum, cocky and arrogant until the first serious smack, the Yankees classically framed him. But that's his problem, and unfortunately ours. To get out of the situation without bloodshed and casualties is now impossible. I don't know what they think now at the Kremlin, but I know what they think in cities and towns: we need to respond.



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