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Turkish Troops Enter Iraq, Ploy to Divide Iraq, Steal Oil and Kurdistan

By Gordon Duff,                                                          

Turks secretly working with Erdogan oil partners in Erbil and top Kurdish officials produced this propaganda video



It is becoming clear that the current Turkish offensive against Kurdish rebels that has now turned against the Baghdad government itself is a ploy to bring Iraq’s Kurdish region into a long promised Turkish semi-autonomous state along with Kurdish regions of Iran.

Kurdish leaders in Iraq and even Iran have long been complicit, working with not only Turkish intelligence but terrorist groups as well, not only ISIS but groups inside Iran that have been supplied and trained in Azerbaijan.

These plans have been known for 30 years but only now, under “King Erdogan’s” new “Ottoman Empire” are moves being made to extend Turkish power.

In the video above, featured at the Erbil government sponsored Rudlaw news website, the degree of Kurdish complicity in the Turkish incursion well into Iraq becomes clear.  According to Kurdish sources, the Turks began moving setting up their base directly adjacent to ISIS forces early in 2015.




Turkish base near ISIS held Mosul

There are no reports of any hostilities of any kind between the Turkish force and their ISIS neighbors, less than 800 meters away, in fact it has all been very “warm and cordial.”

More telling, however, is the propaganda effort the Kurds are promoting against the Baghdad government that has demanded the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish forces.  Prime Minister Abadi has cited this as a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

Iraq has threatened to go the the United Nations Security Council to as for military aid to stop Turkey’s theft of Iraqi oil.  Over the past two weeks, Russia has cited direct involvement by the Erdogan family in the massive theft of oil from both Syria and Iraq, presenting detailed surveillance video of oil being offloaded in Turkey.

Other sources have cited companies in Erbil, the Kurdish regional capitol of Iraq that are directly involved and believed partnered with the Erdogan family, companies operating tanker fleets involved directly in oil theft.

The Kurds have long felt that much of Iraq’s oil is their and have continually violated Iraqi law by selling rights to oil reserves to foreign governments, rights they are not party to according to Iraq’s constitution.

Mosul has been “in play” for some time, long the headquarters of Israeli intelligence and advisory groups.  Biblical scholars who support the concept of “Greater Israel” cite Mosul as the western capitol of that expanded state, part of the land given the Jews according to their version of the covenant with Jehovah.

Now it appears they are working directly with Turkey and ISIS, by “they” we mean elite Kurdish Sunni leaders and their friends, in partnership with the Erdogan family.  From Russia Today:



The Iraqi government has demanded that Ankara withdraw the more than 100 Turkish forces that entered Iraq with tanks and artillery for alleged “training” of troops near Islamic State-occupied Mosul. Baghdad stressed the unsanctioned move was a breach of its sovereignty.

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The Iraqi foreign ministry said in a statement early on Saturday that the Turkish troops were acting in violation of the country’s sovereignty and demanded the forces withdraw immediately. “Around one regiment armoured with tanks and artillery” has entered the northern Nineveh area, according to the statement from the Iraqi Prime Minister’s media office.

 “The Iraqi authorities call on Turkey to respect good neighbourly relations and to withdraw immediately from the Iraqi territory,” the statement said, stressing that the Turkish troops entered “without the request or authorization from the Iraqi federal authorities,” which is a “serious breach of Iraqi sovereignty.”

The foreign ministry called Turkey’s move “an incursion,” Reuters reported.

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According to the agency’s source, the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition was aware of the Turkey’s move.

Turkish soldiers have reached the Mosul Bashiqa region. They are there as part of routine training exercises. One battalion has crossed into the region,” the source told Reuters without revealing the exact number of troops.

He added that the Turkish forces are “training Iraqi troops.”

 However, according to two US defense officials quoted by Reuters, Turkey’s deployment is not part of the efforts of the US-led coalition battling Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

On Friday, 130 Turkish soldiers equipped with heavy weapons were deployed at a military base on the outskirts of the city of Mosul, which is currently held by IS, according to the Daily Sabah newspaper.

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According to Cumhuriyet newspaper, the number of the deployed Turkish troops amounts to at least 150.

The town of Bashiqa is located about 10 kilometers northeast of Mosul.


© Google Maps

Mosul, Iraq’s second biggest city, was seized by Islamic State in June 2014 and has been fully governed by militants ever since. Moreover, the extremist group captured large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition that were stored in the city.

In the collapse of Mosul, we lost a lot of weapons,” Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in an interview with Iraqiya state TV in June. “We lost 2,300 Humvees in Mosul alone,” he added.

The Turkish intrusion into Iraq comes shortly after Ankara’s motives in the war on Islamic State have been questioned by Moscow, Tehran, as well as by Baghdad.

The Russian government has been particularly vocal in pointing the finger at the illegal oil trade between IS terrorists and the Turks. Moscow-Ankara relations deteriorated after a Turkish F-16 jet downed a Russian Su-24 bomber on the Syrian-Turkish border for an alleged airspace violation on November 24, while the Russian jet was returning from an anti-terrorist mission. In the days after, the Russian Defense Ministry presented detailed photo and video evidence showing three huge“live pipelines” made of oil trucks effortlessly crossing the Syrian border into Turkey in militant-controlled areas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described Turkey’s move as “a stab in the back by accomplices of the terrorists,” while the Defense Ministry directly tied the illegal Syrian and Iraqi oil trade – a chief lifeline for IS terrorists – to the family of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Erdogan has dismissed the accusations as “slander” and continued to defiantly present the downing of a non-hostile jet as a rightful move aimed at defending the Turkish border. The surviving Russian pilot has insisted the crew was in full control of the course of the flight and had never entered Turkey, while adding they had never received any visual or radio warning from the F-16. One Russian pilot, the commander of the jet, was killed by Turkmen rebel fire while parachuting from the plane, and one Russian Marine was killed during the search and recovery operation.

Meanwhile, as the US has stepped in for Turkey, supporting its refutation of Russia’s IS oil claims, other powers have come forward to back Moscow’s charges concerning Ankara’s trade with the terrorists. On Friday, Tehran said that it has collected photo and video evidence of IS oil entering Turkey by truck.

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“If the government of Turkey is not informed of Daesh [derogatory term for IS] oil trade in the country, we are ready to put the information at its disposal,” Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) quoted Expediency Council Secretary, Mohsen Rezaie, as saying. The official added that they are also ready to present the proof to the public.

Iran ready to present proof of Turkey’s oil trade with ISIS – Tehran official

While officially Baghdad is now considering whether there is enough evidence of Turkey’s involvement in oil trade with IS to file a formal protest at the UN Security Council, an Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman, Naseer Nuri, told Sputnik on Wednesday that “general information about the smuggling of Iraqi oil by trucks to certain countries, including Turkey” is already available to them, and “this oil is used to fund Daesh.”

Other Iraqi officials have openly accused Turkey of knowingly trading with the terrorists.

There is “no shadow of a doubt” that Ankara knows about the oil smuggling operations, Iraqi MP and former national security adviser Mowaffak al Rubaie told RT.

“The merchants, the businessmen [are buying oil] in the black market in Turkey under the noses – under the auspices if you like – of the Turkish intelligence agency and the Turkish security apparatus… There are security officers who are sympathizing with ISIS in Turkey. They are allowing them to go from Istanbul to the borders and infiltrate … Syria and Iraq,” he said.

“Money and dollars generated by selling Iraqi and Syrian oil on the Turkish black market is like the oxygen supply to ISIS and it’s operation,” Rubaie added. “Once you cut the oxygen then ISIS will suffocate.”



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