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Iran Doublesdown on Syrian War Amid Withdrawal Hoax

By Gordon Duff, December 14, 2015

Bloomberg Haaretz story on Russia/Iran rift fabricated in light of militant impending collapse in Syria

Iranian special operations units

By Gordon Duff with Nahed al Husaini and Dr. Bassam Barakat, VT Damascus

For the last two days, stories of Iran’s withdrawal of elite Republican Guard units from Syria have been run on select media, including some Middle Eastern sites tied to Israeli and British intelligence.  VT decided to call Iranian military officials directly taking advantage of the close proximity of our Damascus office to the Iranian embassy and our longtime relationships there.

This is what we were told by Iranian officials:

“We tracked the story down to Bloomberg initially citing Iranian media sources, that when he checked, were far from credible or “official.”  It is our belief that Israel and Turkey are behind this, working carefully with western intelligence agencies.  You see, our elite units have recently run special operations on a series of al Nusra and ISIS command facilities using information supplied us by the Syrian Ministry of Justice, information they received from militants who had chosen to take advantage of President Assad’s generous amnesty program.  This gave us timely intelligence, when confirmed by advanced drones operated by our Russian partners, led to the capture of Turkish and Qatari officers and confirmation of Turkey’s involvement in supplying sarin gas to terrorists operating inside Syria.”

The hoax seems to have a number of purposes:

  • In Syria the Republican Guard special operations teams, when combined with Syrian “Tiger” units and Russian Spetsnaz, have created an untenable atmosphere of terror for ISIS and al Nusra command units.  The “hoax” is intended, we believe, to bolster their spirits on behalf of their sponsors from Ankara and Tel Aviv.
  • Russia is wading in on behalf of Iraq in its opposition to the military incursion by Turkey done with cooperation of the Barzani regime in Erbil and Erdogan oil smuggling partners headquartered there.  There is a need to take heat off this group even though Turkey has “disappeared” journalists who begin investigating these ties.
  • There are reports that Russia may begin covertly supplying advanced weapons to the government in Yemen which is now fighting an army of Colombian drug cartel mercenaries brought in by, we are told, Triple Canopy, a US contractor working with the UAE.
  • Running a scam like this is as close to getting back at Russia as Israel can come now as Russia has been using its intelligence and aerospace forces to push Israeli units out of  Daraa and back into their camps in Jordan.

VT Damascus reports that there has been no exodus of any forces from Syria and that volunteer units from Iraq are arriving daily.  As for the movement of Iranian special operations units, should such units exist, anyone who says they know where they are or when and if they come and go is lying


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