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Beijing 'Chose Perfect Timing' for Participation in Syria Settlement

China has recently gotten involved in the Syrian crisis settlement. In the near future the Chinese authorities will invite representatives of the Syrian government and opposition members for negotiations, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.


On December 18 the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on the Syrian settlement. According to the document, the talks between President Bashar Assad and the opposition should begin in January 2016. Within six months a transitional government that will represent all parts of Syrian society should be formed and then there will be free elections under UN supervision.


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China Will Invite Syrian Gov't, Opposition to Hold Talks on Settling Crisis

China has chosen the perfect timing to take part in the settlement of the Syrian conflict, independent sinologist Bronislaw Vinogrodsky said.


“The UN Security Council resolution on the Syrian settlement, adopted unanimously, allows certain conflict-free movement in this direction. It is possible to negotiate. And China, it seems to me, is using the most favorable moment to speak for the peaceful settlement of the conflict. China has very precisely chosen the time, position and a place for such negotiations,” Bronislaw Vinogrodsky told Sputnik radio.

According to the sinologist, the Chinese authorities are driven by a desire to strengthen their role in the global arena.

“Beijing is moving in the direction of active participation in global politics. The Syrian conflict in recent times has become central, attracting the attention of absolutely everyone from all over the world; all the events are swirling around it. Beijing is now coming out in a very positive role.”

“In this I see an incredible strategic stronghold. First of all, it is done to enhance the role of China in the international arena. After all China plays a very active role in Africa and now in the Middle East. All of this will enhance the credibility of Beijing in the field of settlement of such conflicts. This is a very delicate and very precise action,” Bronislaw Vinogrodsky concluded.


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