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Global warming a 'political delusion'


WILL 2009 finally see an end to the man-made global warming myth? Judge for yourself.

Beginning with actual temperature change. According to both the Met Office's Hadley Centre and NASA, there has been no rise in the Earth's temperature since 1998, with temperatures declining since 2002 and satellite evidence showing expanding ice caps.

Meanwhile, sunspot data analysis predicts another 12-15 very cold years ahead, borne out by another cold winter across Europe, Canada and the USA.

So, despite record carbon dioxide emissions worldwide, we are in the midst of at least a two or three-decade cool-down within the current gradual warming cycle. An entirely natural phenomenon and a very inconvenient truth for the politicians, the warmist media, and wind power vested interests.

Enter the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). These are the people who produce the quasi-scientific basis for the Western Economies' "combating climate change" policies. An impartial and independent scientific United Nations agency, it might be supposed.

Not so. Most members are political appointees whose remit is to prop up popular delusions with computer-model generated CO² emission forecasts based on long-term economic projections. Not only are the input principles deeply flawed, but the predictions carry a laughable statistical probability of less than 0.001.

Serious dissent surfaced in March, 2008, when leading scientists, climate researchers and economists rejected the alarmist theories by signing the little-publicised Manhattan Declaration of Climate Change. The "scientific consensus" presumption in favour of man-made global warming was decisively exposed as a political delusion.

Then, in December, amid deepening economic recession, 8,000 delegates gathered for the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland, to plan the proposed "son of Kyoto" Copenhagen treaty. Questions emerged.

How can shrinking economies afford the diversion of funds into grandiose carbon emission-reducing schemes? Is man-made global warming really a convenient delusion? Should commitments to carbon taxes be scrapped?

2009 promises to be an interesting year.


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