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Select Language Domain Hacked By Anonymous

By Gordon Duff,or on April 19, 2016

Breaking News New York “We have news for you, especially the cyber criminals out there!” the Spokesperson of CYBERPOL announced today.



Breaking News New York “We have news for you, especially the cyber criminals out there!” the Spokesperson of CYBERPOL announced today. This comes after the CYBERPOL chief of special operation announced yesterday that the CYBERPOL test domain CYBERPOL.ORG was hacked last week by anonymous.

CYBERPOL also further said that the test website received over 3 million hack attempts per day since last year as global traffic indicates, showing just how popular CYBERPOL International cyber Policing Organization, a utility not for profit, has become in one year after its establishment. It further said that many of these hack attempts were state players and it could come back and haunt them in the very near future. One of them that leaked out was a potential hack from North Korea and destinations in the Islamic state according to an anonymous tipoff media received.

The CYBERPOL International Policing Organization spokesperson said that hackers should be aware that the front website of was a test website to see who and where the enemy is and that it’s clear that the cyber threat is globally big and poses a danger to all international organizations.

As a result of the hack attempts much of these data was captured on the mentoring system of which could have exposed many hackers at the same time. It’s believed that as much as 25 Million hack attempts were received in recent weeks and all IP information might have been captured for tracking and identification of Cyber Hackers. If so, this could be the largest criminal database of whom and where these hackers are. A lesson for cyber criminals since they would not know if they are not officially listed in the CYBERPOL criminal database, an expert told WNT News.

It’s unclear If the domain will be used in future as the main CYBERPOL domain of cyberpol is listed as The public is warned that cyber threats is a on the sharp rise and the fact that this sting operation was very successful, could lead to many dismantling of international cyber threats.

There is only one thing for hackers to do and that’s to replace their hardware which often comes at a 25 000 price tag to have the good tools to pull something like this off.

Perhaps a cunning way but something of huge importance if you are a cyber hacker who attempted to bring down a CYBERPOL website



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