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Liberation of Raqqa Similar to ‘Capture of Berlin in WWII’

The upcoming liberation of the Syrian city of Raqqa from the terrorist group Daesh can be compared geopolitically to the capture of Berlin during World War II, member of political division of the Social-Nationalist Party of Syria, Tariq al-Ahmad said.

Earlier it was reported that the Syrian Democratic Forces will start a large-scale operation to liberate the ‘capital’ city of Daesh terrorists, Raqqa.

“In general, I believe that Raqqa is symbolic due to the presence of Daesh and it is declared as their capital by them. Taking back Raqqa can be compared with the capture of Berlin in World War II. I say this in a political and geopolitical sense,” al-Ahmad said.


© Sputnik/ Hikmet Durgun

Terrorists' Days Are Numbered: Syrian Democratic Forces Prepare to Retake Daesh Capital Raqqa

He further said that in his opinion whoever takes back Raqqa will majorly stand out in the world in symbolic terms.


“It will be considered a major victory over Daesh as I think it is very important to unite joint efforts of Russians, Iranians and other allies, so that the Syrian Army can enter Raqqa,” al-Ahmad stressed.

The politician regretted that the Kurdish Self-Defense Forces and the Kurdish Democratic Party made an agreement with Washington ‘behind closed doors.’

According to al-Ahmad, Kurds and all other armed groups must work in coordination with the Syrian Army for the liberation of Raqqa.

“The city can only be considered completely liberated when it is fully controlled by the Syrian government troops,” the politician said.


© AP Photo/

Getting Closer: Kurdish Forces Advancing on Raqqa City in Full Combat Readiness

On the other hand, professor of Damascus State University and a political columnist, Hussam Shoaib, said that he doubts that Raqqa will be liberated any time soon.


“I doubt it will soon be liberated as assault on Raqqa requires a broad front with large forces on the ground, apart from accurate intelligence. I think that these opportunities can be observed only with the Syrian state and its military institutions. Based on that Kurds won’t be able do it themselves with the support of just the United States,” the expert said.

Earlier, a source told Sputnik that the US-led coalition's aircraft had showered Raqqa with leaflets urging civilians to evacuate as the forces prepare to start the offensive.

Despite the difficult task at hand, representative of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in France Khalid Essa said that there can be no peace in Syria without the liberation of Raqqa.

“I cannot tell you in terms of military, I cannot speak about concrete details, as I am involved in politics and diplomacy, but I am sure that sooner or later Raqqa must be released from terrorists because as long as there are terrorists in Raqqa, there cannot be peace,” Essa said.

A source in Ain al-Arab (northern Aleppo province) reported that a large force of Kurdish militia has already been formed and is ready to begin an assault in the coming hours. In addition, a full mobilization of Syrian Democratic Forces has taken place in the town of Ain al-Arab in the Northern parts of Raqqa province



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