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A CIA-Coordinated Color Revolution Comes To The USA


American Spring: A CIA-Coordinated Color Revolution Comes To The USASOROS-Funded Violence Threatening U.S. Electoral Process


A Fraudulent Protest Movement Against Trump Has Co-opted the Authentic Revolutionary Fervor Which Has Been Brewing Since 9/11.

State of the Nation

The United States of America is finally getting a taste of what it’s like to have it elections marred by violent protests and disruptive riots.  The C.I.A. has forever used these tactics to effectuate color revolutions and coup d’états wherever a regime change is desired.  In fact Facebook revolutions and Twitter coups are now so common that even the common folk (digitally-connected, of course) are aware of their occurrence in real time.

All of the classic C.I.A. cyber-strategies that have been successfully used over two decades of bringing about regime changes have been sufficiently perfected that they can now be implemented at home in the good ole USA.  Welcome to the 2016 presidential election cycle.  The following headlines capture what’s in store for the rest of the campaign season.



Protesters Punch, Throw Eggs at Trump Supporters in Calif.

What better opportunity to further refine their methods than to apply them during a campaign season when both candidates are unusually loathed.  Which is exactly what the CIA & Company is doing every place there is observed a pack of agent provocateurs hard at work. The type of violence that is being witnessed, particularly at Donald Trump campaign events, is simply unprecedented in U.S. history.  For those who were not yet born or too young to be aware, the Chicago convention riots of 1968 had nothing to do with the dynamic that the body politic is now seeing across the nation today.

The current brand of campaign violence that has been steadily intensifying is totally planned out in advance and completely premeditated to produce specific outcomes by the true instigators. Those who show up to do violence or provoke it are undoubtedly on the payroll of secret parties.  These parties operate precisely as George Soros does whenever he wants to sow seeds of chaos and fear in a country that has been targeted for regime change.  He is frequently the financier for these types of social cataclysms just as he fully admits to financing the refugee crisis throughout the European Union.  That’s just what he does; he’s a heady social engineer full of hubris looking to mold the New World Order according to his highly distorted vision.

Special Note:
There is a common comparison being made across the Internet between the protest movement of the 1960s and the election protests of today.  However, in reality, there is a vast difference between the two.  Those protests of yesteryear were entirely spontaneous and fiery without a hint of phoniness.  The protests that are being staged against the Donald Trump campaign are either being coordinated by COINTELPRO operatives or phony Soros-paid ‘activists’.   In either case, agents provocateur are being sent in to disrupt the Trump campaign events anyway they can.  The isolated protests against Bernie Sanders have been 100% coordinated by the DNC working in concert with the Clinton campaign, whereas those Sanders supporters raging against the system are totally real.  Any disruptions that Hillary might face are being staged to give the appearance that she is being invaded by either Berniacs or Trumpsters.   There is absolutely nothing real about any protest at a Clinton event as they are acted out by Clintonistas.  The real downside of all the bogus protesting is that it is giving the false impression that an “American Spring” is taking place when in fact it is all a manufactured mirage.  In this way the pent-up and genuine anger toward the U.S. Federal Government is being siphoned off by these spurious campaign happenings.  The U.S. citizenry is being deliberately deceived by the very same ruling cabal that really does fear a citizen rebellion.  This exceedingly dramatic and engineered campaign season is actually stealing all the energy which ought to be directed toward executing a bonafide Second American Revolution.

How is it that the rule of law is all of a sudden suspended for violence at Trump events?

Truly, no one has ever seen anything like it … except in foreign countries targeted by the CIA for regime change.  Criminal campaign activists have now become a fixture practically overnight.  Once their crimes have been committed, no one seems to care about their lawful prosecution. Well, at least the Democratic side blows it all off as justifiable protest. Clearly they have been empowered by the Obama Administration, as well as by law enforcement that is loyal to the Clinton camp.  Big cities in general all tend to go in that direction as the recurring pattern of urban violent protests have graphically demonstrated.

What is quite new about this devolving phenomenon is that so many jurisdictions have no conscience about the serial lawbreaking.  Even when the police have caught the culprits in the act on video, they show no will to take the appropriate law enforcement actions.  This gross dereliction of duty and willful negligence have been approved and coordinated from the very top of the American establishment.  Things like this just don’t happen in America … until now!

Why does everyone smell the SOROS skunk?

Let’s face it, it’s very easy to blame George Soros for all of this outrageous interference in the democratic electoral process.  After all, he’s always so proud of funding so many of these fake protests and staged riots.  Really, how many people will just show up at a rally to do violence and all manner of disruption unless they paid to do so.  All of these violent protests have been fastidiously set up and orchestrated to show the American people that they no longer have any control or influence whatsoever, not that they ever did.

One thing is for certain and that is that the American people are getting a taste of what other nations have had to tolerate over many decades.  The outright intervention by the CIA and direct interference by the U.S. Military have brought many a foreign government to its knees.  Just look at Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina today.

Venezuela Experiences Yet Another US-Orchestrated, CIA-Coordinated Coup Plot

Brazil On The Brink Of A U.S-Coordinated Coup d’état

Nobel Prize winner tells Obama to stay away from Argentina on US-backed coup anniversary

Even though Trump’s fan base has been on the receiving end of most of the violent activity, there has been a similar undercurrent on the Democrat side as well.  Both Clinton and Sanders have seen their events interrupted and/or supporters abused in ways never seen before in the USA.  That’s because agent provocateurs are also being routinely utilized to give the impression that the candidates are endorsing the violence.  Sanders clearly is not; Clinton would put her imprimatur on any form of disruption necessary to secure the nomination or an election victory.  And Trump wants nothing to do the violence.

That’s where the likes of George Soros comes in. Just like Obama & Soros was a marriage made in hell, so, too, is Clinton and Soros.  Soros has proven over many years that he will align with any political animal who will carry out his agenda, no matter what their lack of integrity or scruples.  With this understanding the following article explains how American democracy itself is now under serious attack.

State of the Nation
June 3, 2016

Editor’s Note

This is an exceptionally crucial exposé to understand.  Basically the ruling elites know that their backs are up against the wall.  As a reaction to the inevitable revolt against the government-backed 1%, they have choreographed the campaign season to end all campaign seasons.  There will never be another like this one as it has been scripted to be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.  In this way the WSG* super-controllers are harnessing all the rage against the machine to produce their desired outcomes via staged protests.  Each fabricated riot and protest is designed to present the illusion of a revolt against a candidate, or the System, or the electoral process, or the U.S. Federal Government.  In their desperation TPTB have conscripted every protest actor in the realm. They don’t care if the actors are obvious illegal aliens at his point since what they need are as many bodies as possible to show up at the Trump events to ‘perform’ violent disruption. It is quite likely that this MO will only intensify as we approach the November 8th election day.



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