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Intel on Raqqa Attack

By Ian Greenhalgh on June 7, 2016

With the current shenanigans around Aleppo where the US and Kurds are, in effect, protecting the flank of IS, thus allowing ISIS to support the Al-Nusra forces further west; the Russian view on this (and this is a most understandable and reasonable viewpoint) is that this constitutes a betrayal of Russia by the US.

However, while that whole mess plays out in Aleppo, the Syrians with Russian and Iranian backing are continuing their offensive to capture Raqqah. Raqqah is a key strategic point, the de facto ISIS capital, therefore if it falls, a very great blow will have been dealt to ISIS; furthermore it will have driven a very big nail into the coffin of Kurdish ambitions to establish a Kurdish state on stolen Syrian land that has been Arabic for a millennia and never Kurdish.

Raqqah is the location of the huge dam that controls the water supply for the entire northern half of Syria, including Aleppo; this is also the second largest oil-producing area in Syria (behind Deir-Azzor) and the largest agricultural region with the majority of the wheat and cotton (both crucial exports) being grown here. Add in the hydroelectric power and you see why this is the gem that the Turks wanted to get their thieving hands on.

The Syrians have chosen to sacrifice the city of Aleppo, knowing it will always be Syrian land, that cannot be challenged legally; that the concept of a ‘moderate’ opposition in any type of settlement was thrown under the bus by the obvious US alliance with Al-Qaeda affiliates and that Russia and Iran have collectively drawn a very real line in the sand and will never allow a partitioning of Syria.

Two years ago VT recognised that Turkey wasn’t fighting a war on the Kurds at all but rather that Turkey had backed Barzani and his Erbil-based Caliphate to which we have now found he has added the YPG/PYD faction in order to create a pan-Kurdish, Bolshevik, Zionist-backed puppet state that will threaten Syria, Iraq, Armenia and Iran and foment generations of terrorism and mischief. This Kurdish puppet state was never an Erdogan plan, this was part of the original NeoCon plan devised by PNAC back in 1997 as part of the 9-11 planning, according to Gwyneth Todd.

When the US went into Iraq in 2003, they found the Israelis were already in Kurdistan, already had a base in Mosul and are still there to this day under the guise of ‘Islamic State’. VT staff knows this because we were there at PNAC in 97, they were in the White House with Bush and they were on the ground in Mosul and Erbil from 2003 to 2007, watching all this shit go on.


… from Colonel Cassad

Briefly on issues with the attack on Raqqa

[ Dear readers, this was a machine translation, and a bit rough, but we cleaned it up as best we could. We will be following this Raqqa attack so will be posting updates as they come in...JD ]

Currently SAA develop an offensive in the north-east along the road of Homs, Raqqa on the site Itria – Resafa. To make room for the last 2 days of the enemy about 15-20 kilometers, the SAA was able to break the defense of the Caliphate and to enter into the limits of the province of Raqqa.


According to recent reports, the armored units moving at the forefront of the offensive (equipped including a Russian T-90 tanks and armored vehicles “Tiger”), paving the way for the Russian attack helicopters videoconferencing. Aviation strikes at the rear of the enemy infrastructure.


Given the flat nature of the terrain and the absence of a dense residential and industrial buildings, the Caliphate is extremely difficult to cling to the territory in this area, especially given the vast superiority of the SAA in armored vehicles and aircraft.



To date Raqqa to the advanced position of the SAA remained at about 90 kilometers. For comparison – the forefront of Kurdish-American offensive are 35-40 kilometers to the north and northeast of Raqqa. 



Syrian armor on the road to Raqqa



Formally, the Kurds and the US closer to the capital of the Caliphate. but in the last couple of days, considerably slowed down the + of the strong is now diverted to the attack on Manbij + of the American aircraft diverted to blows to the Caliphate in the district of Azaz and Mare. 


Perhaps because of this urgently needed air group aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” logged on June 2 at the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal, while the SAA after lengthy preparation, is now quite rapidly develop this success, clearly intending to go to the approaches of Raqqa.



The main resistance SAA course meet at the roundabout at the Resafy and near airbases Tabka + certainly Caliphate will try to stop the advance of not only the alignment of defense against him, and a variety of counterattacks in the flank of the advancing groups, including the possible attempts to re-attack the track Hanasser Aleppo that already 2 times led to the fact that the SAA was forced to stop offensive operations in other sectors of the front.


It should also be noted that the advent of the SAA takes place concurrently with the advent of “green” to the south-east of Khan Tuman, which so far could not be neutralized by 100% since that the Syrian command had to act with an eye on what is happening at Aleppo.


Aircraft and helicopters, which are now treated with the position and the objects of the Caliphate in the western regions Raqqa province, is now of course could effectively work in the area of Al-Iisa and Khan Tuman, especially in light of the fact that the militants lighted sufficiently large number of armored vehicles, which was there contracted.


But I would guess that Raqqa has now become a priority objective and offensive “green” is supposed to stop by other means, the blessing now is transfer under the Aleppo fresh armored corps. on the near capture of Raqqa it is not coming, but on the question of who will take the caliphate capital, began to form a kind of intrigue associated with the competition of the Russian and American coalition.



Tanks have to be used carefully to not expose them to road mines and TOWS , which generally calls for good recon on the ground or by air to avoid ambushes. Open territory helps.




The prospect of further progress in the SAA is not bad enough, given that the large forces involved Caliphate in other areas and to maneuver reserves of “black” is becoming increasingly difficult + superiority in tanks and aircraft gives the SAA a huge tactical advantage.


The main problem is the possible impacts of “black” in the flank of the advancing groups with the aim of cutting the track, on which there is supply and force the delay of the strength of the striking force to keep the roads, as well as conventional strikes on track Hanasser Aleppo, where the militias holding the key settlements and checkpoints is now backed by the Iranian military and various volunteer units on the “Iranian line.”


If the attack on the advancing communication groups can quickly cut short without the need for impact forces and aviation, probably in the next week the SAA can significantly closer to the capital of the Caliphate, which at the current stage of the Syrian war is the main goal of the summer campaign of 2016.


Syrian military, as well as their Russian and Iranian colleagues, good luck.




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