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Hillary Clinton Linked To Orlando Massacre

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An absolutely stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is alleging that US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was part of the “cabal/secretive force” behind two terror attacks in Orlando, Florida, this past weekend whose motive “appears/most likely” to be related to her being able to gain sympathy from American homosexual rights supporters against her opponent Donald Trump. [Note: Some words and phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words and phrases having no exact counterpart.]  



According to this report, raising the concerns of the SVR relating to the 11 June killing of American pop singer Christina Grimmie and the 12 June massacre of at least 50 gay pride celebrants, both occurring in Orlando, was intercepted “telephonic/radio” communications between the world’s largest private security company named G4S and at least 10 of its “operatives/contractors” operating in Florida, including the now known killers of these two events Omar Siddiqui Mateen and Kevin James Loibl. 


Omar Siddiqui Mateen

Kevin James Loibl


G4S, this report explains, is the world’s largest private army operating in at least 100 countries and under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “guidance/firm order” was granted the exclusive contract to manage all of the illegal aliens coming into the United States—but which the SVR maintains is nothing but another part of the massive human and drug smuggling operation run for decades by the Bush-Clinton-CIA international crime organization. 

Both Omar Siddiqui Mateen and Kevin James Loibl came under SVR “scrutiny/electronic surveillance” last month, this report continues, when under G4S “leadership/command” they both participated in a surprise and massive US military drill in Tampa, Florida, in which they play acted the role of terrorists who had captured the mayor of this city.



This report notes that Mateen had a previously existing SVR case file due to his close personal involvement with the 2013 Boston Bombing mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev who, in 2011, the Federal Security Service (FSB) warned American authorities about his plans to conduct a terror bombing in the US, but went unheeded—and in one of Mateen’s last acts before being killed by Orlando police forces, he called their emergency services telephone praising Tsarnaev. 

Mateen’s extensive SVR file, this report further states, notes that he was, also, the G4S’s “main/central” conduit of CIA and US State Department monies to Afghanistan on behalf of his father Seddique Mateen who is running to be the president of Afghanistan, and over the past 5 years, Omar Mateen had made, at least, seven trips to that war-torn nation. 



The SVR file on Kevin James Loibl, this report continues, says that we was a 3-year “private employee/contractor” of G4S working in the “cell/department” headed by Mateen and included up to ten “operatives/contractors”.

On the evening of 10 June, this report says, SVR intelligence analysts monitoring G4S operations in Florida detected the activation of Mateen’s “cell/department”, but were not alarmed because they believed another US military exercise was occurring, like the one that had occurred the previous month in Tampa.



On the morning of 12 June, however (evening of 11 June in US), SVR intelligence analysts monitoring American “electronics” in the Florida region Mateen’s “cell/department” was operating in reported that that pop singer Christina Grimmie had been shot and killed by G4S “private employee/contractor” Kevin James Loibl—whose intended massacre was thwarted when one of the many guns he was using misfired allowing the singers brother to tackle him, after which another G4S “operative/sniper” terminated the mission by firing a single shot into Loibl’s head.

As per normal protocol, this report continues, and once a suspected “rogue/false flag” operation has been detected by the SVR, the FSB was immediately notified and through their communication channels with the American FBI issued an “alert/urgent” notification requesting “assistance/guidance”, but to which the Obama regime never replied to.

And just a little more than 24 hours later, this report grimly states, Mateen’s G4S “cell/department” carried out in full their planned terror operation by attacking a night club of gay pride month celebrants—but like the planned, but aborted, Grimmie massacre the evening before, was, partly, thwarted by two Orlando police officers who were scheduled to be off duty and came suddenly upon scene causing the other G4S “operatives” who had been holding the doors shut to flee, while “others” were captured on video carrying victims back to shooting scene. [Note: This second video has been deleted from YouTube 50 times, click on hyper link to view.] 



Once abandoned by his G4S “cell/department”, this report continues, Mateen retreated into the club and began an hours long negotiation with his “controllers/superiors”, but which the FBI was able to electronically block and who were then aided by local police forces in attacking the club and killing this terrorist—who by then, and sadly, had committed the worst modern day massacre in US history.

As to why the concert of Christina Grimmie was targeted by the G4S, this report explains, was due to her being the suspected lesbian lover of another American pop singer named Selena Gomez—and who in remembering her fallen lover, yesterday, broke down in tears in remembering her.

And with the G4S “attack agenda” appearing to be motivated to the mass killing of homosexuals, and their supporters, to benefit Hillary Clinton’s election against the “racist/hater” Donald Trump, this report notes, once Mateen was abandoned, he “changed/switched” sides and in the last act before his death called the local police forces pledging his allegiance to ISIS—which all but assures Trump’s election.



To the “cesspool/shit pit” of “cabal/secretive forces” backing Hillary Clinton in this gravest of crimes, this report says, it begins with her husband President Bill Clinton’s close friendship with Philip von Mallinckrodt who served as Chairman of the Council of the World Economic Forum and where, in 2013, they met to form their alliance.

As Philip von Mallinckrodt is one of the family controllers of Britain’s Schroders Bank (one of the oldest banks in the world) that manages billions of dollars of wealth for the Clinton Foundation, this report concludes, one of the other directors of this bank is South African businessman Ashley Martin Almanza—who is, also, the CEO of G4S.

Personal Note: As many of our longtime readers know, the Sisters use of classified, and frequently top secret, information received from many intelligence agencies comes with heavy restrictions—which the Sisters always try to work around in novel ways to, at least, give you a heads-up to what may occur. 

And this is what happened a few days ago when the Sisters began translating the documents relating to what the G4S was doing in Florida—and in their novel way, that’s why they wrote their 11 June article relating to the Florida launching of a space craft, and that if it happened: “To what is expected should the Obama regime be successful in launching their Black Knight Satellite “killer” NORL-37 Mission later today this report DOES speculate upon—but which, again, we’re not allowed to report on, other than to say, and at its absolute worse, many thousands of people in America will be shaken to their core.  

Unfortunately, the “launch” did occur—and not just thousands, but millions of people in America have now been shaken to their core.  





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