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EU : A Controlled Demolition of Europe


EU Project: A Controlled Demolition of Europe to Make Room for a Totalitarian SuperstateThe European Union Project Was Designed to
Obliterate Every European Culture and Nation


A Conspiracy to Disappear Every Nation on the European Continent
Continues Unabated in 2016 with Awesome Consequence and Conflict

State of the Nation
Regardless of what the original intentions were behind the establishment of the European Union (EU), it’s now clear that the true masters of the current leaders are hellbent on using it to destroy what is left of European culture and national identity.

The events of the past few years have dramatically demonstrated, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that the EU has morphed into quasi-communist, quasi-fascist super-state inexorably arcing in the direction of totalitarianism.  This supranational entity was specifically engineered in order to manufacture consent Europe-wide especially around those issues of great import to the furtive ruling elites.  The primary item on their covert agenda concerns the imperialistic designs being surreptitiously promoted by the NWO cabal. (Think war on Russia.)

Putin Vows Retaliation Over US Missile Shield; Warns Poland, Romania Now In The “Cross Hairs”

Globalist vs. Nationalists

It ought to be quite clear by now that there is a major war being waged across the Earth realm.  This ongoing War of the Titans is being fought between the Globalists and the Nationalists.  It’s actually a prelude to the planned hot phase of a full-blown World War III.  Europe can be much more easily corralled into a particular camp during a wartime footing.  Because of how much more manageable and controllable each nation within a world war context, WWIII is an essential piece of their rapidly unfolding agenda toward a One World Government dictatorship.

The Globalists have used stealth and secrecy at every turn to incrementally accrue more and more power (and influence) over the affairs of each EU member nation.  In this fashion did they eventually accumulate so much illicit power that they are now able to coerce the member states to follow their over-arching imperial scheme.  The skeleton of that scheme is being fleshed out daily.  In short the Globalists have painstakingly fabricated war-making Frankenstein of sorts which is ready to do battle wherever they decide to incite and prosecute unprovoked wars of aggression.

World War III: The Globalists vs. the Nationalists

One of the most effective organs of the globalist war-making apparatus has been the newly militarized European Union.  The EU is now being conscripted to fight a war with Russia that it neither wants nor needs.  The economic sanctions regime which was foisted on the Eurozone (by the USA) was executed against Russia to inflame 20th century tensions.  Not only have these sanctions proven to be a disaster for the EU economy, they have been used as a justification to militarize the Intermarium.

INTERMARIUM: The Most Dangerous Geopolitical Chess Game On Planet Earth

This single development lies at the very core of the Globalist’s world war agenda.  For it is Polish Prometheism which lies at the heart of their strategy to further isolate and provoke Russia into a regional war as a prelude to World War III.  Because so many of the hardline NWO controllers are of Eastern European and Russian ancestry, the implementation of the “Promethean Strategy” is as natural as making beet borscht. Their irrational and mutual hatred for all things Russian has impelled them toward their real goal—the pillaging and plundering of the Motherland.

Russia’s Biggest Threat Is The Promethean Strategy: Can Putin keep the Intermarium in check?

Only through the exploitation of Russia’s vast natural resources and re-enslavement of her people does the NWO cabal have any hope of averting the upcoming bankruptcy of the Anglo-American Axis.  Except that this time around it is not communism; rather, it is predatory capitalism operating in tandem with militaristic democracy that is being exported to Russia via Anglo-American gunboat diplomacy.  In this way, and with a palatable sense of sheer desperation, the global geopolitical chessboard is now being fastidiously set up for World War — Part III by the Globalists.

Middle East conflagration

For the uninitiated, the destruction of the Middle East is a major part of the NWO agenda. Once this was accomplished by the fabricated Arab Spring and setting up of ISIS, they were determined to drive millions of refugees from the Mideast to Europe.  The highly calculated and damaging policy known as Shengen made this mass migration possible, particularly during the periods of wartime activity being conducted by the United States, United Kingdom, and their NATO partners.

Not only is the national integrity of various Middle Eastern nations being systematically undermined, European countries are also being irreparably damaged in the process.  This coordinated and simultaneous destruction of national sovereignty fits perfectly into the long-term NWO agenda to create a One World Government.

Through the creation of the EU the ruling elites had hoped to control all of Europe by simply homogenizing the many and diverse cultures into one Eurozone flavor.  To do this, nationalism had to be erased as did the predominant religious orientation.  Over decades the call for a boundaryless Europe has succeeded in slowly diluting the national identity of every country. Likewise, years of cynically inculcating spiritual materialism Europe-wide has succeeded in transforming fundamentally religious peoples into atheists and agnostics, unbelievers and apostates.

The upshot of these two social engineering endeavors has been to create a new culture that is devoid of pre World War II patriotism and enthusiasm for maintaining a national character.  The massive influx of war refugees and economic migrants has especially contributed to this regressive transformation.  Transplants who have been forced to leave their ancestral lands rarely have any patriotic commitment to their new home as they are there only by absolute necessity.

The Globalists have continually taken advantage of the chaos and mayhem that they have created throughout Europe in order to construct their new order—one manufactured out of fear and loathing.  The Hegelian Dialectic that they routinely employ is being used with great skill all over Europe. They create the insurmountable problem(s), which are guaranteed to precipitate a desired reaction(s), which then calls for a solution(s)—their perfect solution.

Incidentally, the “Jewish Solution” during and after World War II is another glaring example of how the NWO agenda was implemented during the last century.  An objective analysis of the Holocaust hoax and subsequent establishment of the Modern State of Israel is a very good case study for how the Globalists use war-making to carry out their plans. Another extremely apt illustration for what the NWO cabal has been doing in the Mideast is the Armenian Genocide.  The Syrian War and mass exodus represents a duplication of what the very same perpetrators executed from 1915 onwards in the very same geographic location of the Northern Levant.

The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus

The old Europe had to be destroyed completely if the NWO was to manifest.

Just as the USA has been undergoing similar challenges with open borders and illegal immigration, the southern flank of Europe is being rent asunder by it.  Part of the very reason why Greece was financially terrorized and economically sabotaged during recent years was to soften up the citizenry.  In this way they have no more will to even fight the EU; they are just trying to survive.  The same is true to a lesser extent of Italy, Spain, and Portugal.  Even France, Germany and Austria have been assaulted by the overwhelm of the mass migrations into and through their territories.

There is perhaps no quicker way to undermine national identity than to stage a series of wars which produces wave after wave of immigrants.  With each successive wave the indigenous Europeans begin to interbreed with the new arrivals. In Sweden and Germany the Middle Eastern transplants are even permitted to violate the female citizens without consequence.  This and other outrageous happenings clearly demonstrate just how transparent the whole NWO scheme to destroy Europe really is.

The leaders don’t even care that they are found out so confident are they that they can exert virtually absolute control over every aspect of the EU project.  Heretofore, they have deftly pulled the levers of political power and pressed the buttons of financial prowess necessary to accomplish their goals.  Even with the likes of the UK’s Nigel Farage regularly beating their Brussels henchmen upside the head with verbal four by fours — in their own chambers — they still seem confident that they will succeed.

This quickly evolving conspiracy to utterly devastate Europe has reached a critical stage. The cabal knows that the populace, in each member nation, is getting wise to the many ploys to wreck and ruin European society.  Germany’s “Merkel disaster” has done much to open the eyes of many across the continent.  Hence, they know that their time is limited to complete the lockdown.  For the EU superstate is heading toward a quasi-communist political structure married to a predatory capitalist economy which is being set up to rival the USA.

“Europe Is Burning” Nigel Farage Slams Merkel’s Migration Maelstrom

By following the American lead, Europe has embraced disaster capitalism as a means of sustaining their collapsing economies.  They have also veered into a hybrid form of Anglo-American warmongering that was supposed to have been eradicated after World War II. Somehow the most powerful EU nations are always goaded into armed conflicts by their American and British counterparts.  This increasingly bellicose posture has particularly upset their vital relationship with Russia.

Europe is no longer a suitable vacation destination

The whole world knew that something was very wrong on the Continent when it ceased becoming a preferred choice for vacation and leisure travel.  Many from the USA who have recently ventured to Europe, as well as those expats who now live their full-time, report the very same thing: Europe is but a shadow of its former glory.  It is no longer safe to travel there, nor does it possess the order and predictability it was once known for.  The governments of many a nation have caved into the dictates of the NWO cabal and the results are not good for vacationers.

Greece is now a certified disaster area thanks to the shocking betrayal of their PM Alexis Tsirpas.  Italy does not have nearly the safety profile it once enjoyed because of the lack of leadership of PM Matteo Renzi.  France is riven by so much internal conflict and social upheaval due to the recalcitrance of President François Hollande.  Germany has been transformed into a national catastrophe practically overnight by Chancellor Angela Merkel.  This list goes on and on.

Moral of the Story

The moral of this story is that the Europeans, of all peoples on the planet, ought to understand the necessity of maintaining the peace.  Instead they have moved fast and furiously in the opposite direction.  Corrupt leaders all over the EU have given into the bribery and blackmail perpetrated by their American warlords and British war profiteers. This highly dysfunctional relationship alone has been the cause of so much unnecessary conflict and suffering.

Only recently did the German Defence Minister — Frank-Walter Steinmeier — courageously speak up to the NWO despots.  His outburst will surely trigger a backlash; however, it will hopefully embolden others to take similar stands toward rejecting the perpetual war economy.  One would think that after two devastating world wars the Europeans would resoundingly reject the Anglo-American call to arms.

‘Saber-rattling & warmongering’: German FM blasts NATO military drills in Eastern Europe

The ultimate goal this time around is much more than a mere World War III and the ‘ordo ab chao” opportunities that they would present to the warmongers and profiteers.  Such a calamitous war would permit those pulling the strings to fully control the destiny of Europe.  A WWIII scenario would allow TPTB to significantly accelerate their eradication of the culture and homogenization of the populations.

For these and other serious reasons Europe now faces existential threats on every level. The banksters in the USA and UK have once again quite comfortably brought the battle to their lands.  Just like World War 2 was the contrived reaction to the Great Depression, World War 3 is considered by the banking and commercial elites to be the only answer to the ongoing Second Great Depression which has been deepening since 2008.

There are many reasons why the cabal-controlled banksters are doing everything within their power to manipulate a hot phase of WWIII.  The current cold phase of WWIII has stagnated the global marketplace so much so that their traditional grip on things is loosening.  Events are now really susceptible to spiraling out of control. The ruling elites are feeling threatened perhaps for the first time perhaps in the modern era.

The rise of the precariat

If Europe is particularly known for one phenomenon during this 3rd millennium, it is the rise of the precariat.  The precariat refers to “a growing class of people who feel insecure in their jobs, communities, and life in general”.  They are the underclass who will form the vast majority of Europe’s future in order to bring about its final destruction.  Here is who they really are:

…the perpetual part-timers, the minimum-wagers, the temporary foreign workers, the grey-market domestics paid in cash… the techno-impoverished whose piecemeal work has no office and no end, the seniors who struggle with dwindling benefits, the indigenous people who are kept outside, the single mothers without support, the cash labourers who have no savings, the generation for whom a pension and a retirement is neither available nor desired.
(Source: The world’s most elite conference this year will discuss something called “the precariat”)

With the great advances in AI and the integration of robotics in the global workplace, the expansion of the precariat class is about to see exponential growth.  In this way the elites hope to continue their unrivaled domination of the entire planetary civilization.


The people in each nation must rise up against their respective tyrannical leaders.  The Europeans must rebel against the Eurocrats in Brussels just as the Americans must revolt against the U.S. Federal Government entrenched in Washington, D.C..  A quick and enduring reversal of the NWO fortune must be effectuated by We the People.  Such an overturning of the order (New World Order) will never occur from the top down.  It must be a grassroots-driven popular movement that galvanizes the citizenries around the globe until the whole NWO agenda is forever terminated.

Therefore, it’s incumbent upon every sovereign soul reading this exposé to take back their power from the System that has taken it from them.  Each of us is admonished to stand in or own truth and speak that truth to power as never before.

As for a pluperfect example of how to speak truth to power, the following video is truly a MUST VIEW as only seeing and hearing is believing.  It may be that only Parliamentarian Nigel Farage has spoken with such indisputable and powerful truth to the EU leadership.

VIDEO: ‘Who the Hell You Think You Are?’ Nigel Farage throws egg in Eurocrat faces

State of the Nation
June 20, 2016

Author’s Note

There is only one way to correctly understand the implacable drive to World War III by the Globalists.  They have come to believe that the only credible threat to the supremacy of the Anglo-American Axis[1]can come from a Russian-German alliance. Nothing scares London and Washington more than the prospect of a political alliance and economic union between Moscow and Berlin.

What the Globalists are really afraid of is the invincibility that would result from the marriage of German capital and technology with Russian natural resources and manpower.  Hence, the Globalists intend to steal and abscond with both respectively from Russia under the cover of war.  Of course, their zeal to fulfill their WWIII mission is only intensified by their greater fear of a much greater Russo-European alliance.  It is further enhanced by their multi-millennial conspiratorial plot to rule the world.  As follows:
STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination


[1] Anglo-American Axis (AAA)

The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries. So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also owe their allegiance to the AAA but some of these may be changing. The World Shadow Government is an ultra-secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.
(Source: Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’)





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