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Russia, China Agree to Jointly Build Heavy Helicopter, Long-Range Plane

© Sputnik/ Anton Denisov

According to reports, Russia and China signed deals to cooperate on the construction of a wide-fuselage long-range plane and a civil heavy-lift helicopter.



Russia May Export to China Up to 500,000 Tonnes of Grain in 2016

BEIJING (Sputnik) Russian and Chinese governments signed deals on Saturday to cooperate on the construction of a wide-fuselage long-range plane and a civil heavy-lift helicopter.


The two nations signed a memorandum on building a 250-300-seat plane to rival Airbus and Boeing during President Vladimir Putin’s trip to Beijing in 2014.

A similar agreement between Russian Helicopters and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) was signed in May. The helicopter will be capable of lifting 38 tonnes.


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