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Putin and Erdogan agree on the restoration of relations between Russia and Turkey






Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would instruct his government to prepare a document on the renewal of trade-economic and other relations, the Kremlin said.

"The Russian leader said he would order the government to enter into negotiations with the relevant Turkish ministries in order to restore mutually beneficial cooperation in trade-economic relations in other spheres," the statement said.

It adds that one has in mind, and lifting the ban on visits to Turkey for Russian tourists, which was introduced in Moscow. According to Putin, Erdogan's letter to create the preconditions to resolve the "crisis" in bilateral relations and to begin the rebuilding process of working together on international and regional issues.

The Kremlin said that the leaders agreed that the foreign ministers of Russia and Turkey to meet in Sochi on July 1, when they should be discussed situation in the region, with an emphasis on current issues of further development of bilateral relations.

Erdogan and Putin will meet during the summit of the G20 and China in September. This will be the first meeting between the two leaders after the deterioration of relations between the two countries due to the felling of Russian military aircraft on the border of Syria and Turkey in November last year.

"On the whole, the conversation he had business, constructive character, and was focused on restoring the traditional prijeteljske, multiple cooperation," the statement said.

Today's phone conversation was the first direct contact since the beginning of November last year and severe diplomatic crisis between the two countries, but Ankara said that the talks were "very productive."

Turkish president on Monday apologized for the case in message sent to Putin, the Kremlin said.

Erdogan and Putin agreed to meet, according to the Turkish presidency.

"Reiterating their commitment to the restoration of bilateral relations ... the two leaders agreed to stay in touch and to meet" at a time that has not yet been determined, said in a statement after the talks the Turkish presidency.

Shortly before today's conversation with his Turkish counterpart Putin sent condolences to the people of Turkey for triple suicide attack at the airport in Istanbul, in which, according to a new balance, killed 41 people and 239 wounded.

The Russian agency TASS said that the agreement that will achieve the two presidents during today's talks will depend on the fee for the Turkish demolition of the Russian Su-24M.

Turkish forces in November shot down a Russian military plane that was supposedly during operations in Syria entered the room vazušni Turkey, a pilot who was killed katapulitirao rebel forces on the territory of Syria. Relations between Russia and Turkey have deteriorated dramatically after that




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