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Putin played for a fool by Obama and Erdogan as US Floods Terrorists into Syria

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on July 5, 2016

VT exclusive video shows American column violating truce, massive reinforcements for al Nusra, a recognized terror organization now with American air cover and Chevy trucks

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

In an exclusive video taken today by VT  inside Syria, an al Nusra convoy enters Syria.  The second video is so shocking, YouTube refused to host it.  The American helicopters is clear as a bell, the trucks, all brand new, all armed, are Chevrolet, not Toyota.  This is the video the US can no longer deny, that President Putin can no longer deny.  Erdogan’s new “friendship” is more than a sham, as predicted, and America has clearly crossed the line, America is now a terrorist state.

Did they have to be Chevy trucks?  How much more obvious could they be?  This is not the New Syria Army or the Free Syrian Army, this is al Qaeda.

We are going to be touching on issues of strategic analysis, more than that, the strategic thinking of both Syria and Russia as the war on the ground in the Middle East enters a new phase.  Writing on this subject is not to be taken on easily, particularly if leaking the wrong or too much quality original sourced material can change the balance of power.

This is where VT walks the line, having broad access and trust with people who want to get this story out, one that needs telling, but also know the risk.  The issue at hand is Vladimir Putin, his desire to keep Russia’s economy strong, his desire to remain a statesman, to engage rather than oppose the Obama administration during its remaining days and the real game, post-Brexit Europe where all the rules have changed.

Then we look at Erdogan, prostrate before Putin, begging forgiveness but possibly concealing a knife ready to sink into Putin’s back.

This is where Syria sits, watching this unfold.  What Syria has also seen is an influx through Jordan of air defense weapons that have taken down one helicopter and two fighter bomber aircraft in the past week as reported exclusively by Veterans Today.

The assumption was that this arms flood through Jordan was indicative of Erdogan’s closing of Turkey as a super-highway for stolen everything going north and jihadists, poison gas and exotic weapons heading south and east into Syria.

Here, VT is in direct communications with both Syria and Russia, receiving raw intelligence in something of an experiment.  The story today begins in Latakia Province in the town of Kinsabba.

We are about 20 miles south of the Turkish border in an area where Jabat al Nusra and its allied Free Syrian Army cadres had been removed some months ago.

Were Mr. Erdogan to be the man Putin would hope, the errant child who has wronged his betters, Syria would not be facing hundreds of CIA trained Chechen’s just trucked in across the Turkish border.  Ah, there is the rub.  There is a reason the CIA is trying to take this town and why Erdogan is helping him.

The weapons just trucked in with the Chechens were just brought in from Georgia where they had been delivered to the port of Poti.

The issue that makes this so important to Russia and what brought out Putin’s statement last week about “Russia will respond to any threats to its military” is this.  These aren’t the average B21 “Grad” variant nor are they the advanced rockets Ukraine sent through Georgia for use against Syria.  These have been modified, they are more accurate and their range is 60km, not 20, not 40.

This was the last convoy brought in by America, this time not Chevy trucks, as General Motors doesn’t make Grad rockets.



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