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Traces of Tritium



By Ed Ward, MD

Hell, ask all the covert op supposed '911 Truth groups" that have dismised micro nukes under this PROVEN LIE - HOW DOES 1,092TUs/L = "Traces of Tritium". Testing The First US Micro Nuke - The Davy Crocket ­ 0.01 kiloton Ed Ward, MD 9-21-9

This .01 kiloton micro nuke video shows that a .01 kiloton micro nuke could easily have been basically contained with the WTCs. The data presented is an above ground detonation. Its crude design would have been unfocused and would have been no where near as clean as a 3rd (neutron) or fourth generation nuke. Based on this referenced proven data, the size of an underground, focused, Minimum Residual Radiation ­ ­ micro nuke explosion could have been 2 or 3 times as powerful and still been basically contained by the WTC buildings, possibly as large a 1 kiloton, but believe that would be about the maximum that could be used and still be effectively hidden. The US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs ­ Domestic ­ WTC Update: The US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs ­ Domestic ­ WTC The 911 WTC "Traces of Tritium" Lie Is Obstruction of Justice by Accessories to Murder This is not 'rocket science', just basic math, law and lies. ASK JONES HOW 1,092TU's/L = "TRACES OF TRITIUM" As for Jones "Hard Evidence Repudiates...". The only thing Jones addresses in MY massive amount of evidence is 'tritium' AND JONES IS A PROVEN LIAR ABOUT IT. Also, please show where jones -covert ops imo based on facts - has addressed 3 billion pounds of building turned into 2 billion pounds of instant dust, wilting 16 inch thick spires, 8 inch thick I beam horseshoes, 'hiroshima effect' spectrum of cancers, 3 massive craters, 5 acres of land at 1800 degrees, no DNA found for more than 1k people, impossible fires, anaerobic combustion, etc, et al. The 911 WTC "Traces of Tritium" Lie Is Obstruction of Justice by Accessories to Murder This is not 'rocket science', just basic math, law and lies. ASK STEVEN JONES HOW 1,092TU's/L = "TRACES OF TRITIUM"? The US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs ­ Domestic ­ WTC Update: The US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs ­ Domestic ­ WTC Understanding The Scam of Thermite on 911' by Dick Eastman, Dr. Steven Jones  A simple rebuttal to the lunacy of  This BS 'Bogus Science' has been addressed previously by me with a tremendous amount of factual evidence so I will not spend much time on this scam BS other than to post the previous referenced facts.  I will address one statement that is so rediculous as to be laughable in its ignorance and stupidity if it weren't for the fact it being used to hide/scam the real facts of the destruction which by definition are those obstructing justice and accessories to murder:  "This was scientific proof that beneath the rubble of the twin towers were extreme hot spots in which iron boiled for more than 15 weeks. became clear that an aluminothermic reaction like Thermite was creating these hot spots."  Similar burn-rates around 350 m/s are measured for these "super-thermites" A proven quote from my article dealing with the "The BS 'Bogus Science' of 'Explosive SuperThermite' Versus the Facts of a 'Deflagration Material'.  There are approximately 2,628,000 seconds in a month. 2,628,000 seconds X 3.75 months = 9,855,000 seconds. 350 meters X 9,855,000 seconds = 3,449,250,000 meters (approximately 3.45 Billion meters or 2,14 Million miles) of thermite length would be needed to burn for 15 weeks.  Wow, that's kinda long but maybe the super duper double top secret thermate was also super thin and they were able to hide 2.14 million miles of super thin thermate, so how much would it have to weigh?  It takes about 1 gm of enhanced thermate to bring 1 gm of steel to melting point - a one to one ratio. So how much would it take to bring 5 acres of land 15 feet deep to the 1600 degrees?  "at the US NIST, the average density of dirt is 120 lbs per cubic foot."  There are 27 cubic feet in a yard. http://mathcentral.uregin...base/QQ.09.04/carol3.html So 120 lbs/cubic ft X 27 cubic ft = 3240 lbs/cubic yard  One acre is equal to 4840 square yards and your pond is 15 feet or 5 yards deep therefore the number of cubic yards is 4840x15 or 72600 cubic yards.<> We have no official numbers on the depth of the 1600 degree temperature of the 5 to 7 acres of land, but unofficial estimates seem to indicate about 15 feet, so lets use that.  3240 lbs/cubic yd X 72600/per acre = 235,224,000 lbs/acre. At a minimum 5 acres of land was brought to seering temperatures so 235,224,000 X 5 = 1,176,120,000 lbs. So based on these basic approximate calculations the 'super thin invisible super top secret super thermate' would have to have been 2.14 Million miles long and would to have weighed approximately 1.176 Billion pounds.  The 911 Traces of Tritium Lie is Obstruction of Justice by Accessories to Murder.  Other Referenced Factual Articles of Evidence  TCN&911WIJ - Thermate, C4-like explosive, a Nuclear device & 911 Was an Inside/Outside Job!  1. Three Massive WTC Craters - See us gov LIDAR proof:  2. Five Acres of WTC Land Brought to Seering Temperatures in a Few Hours by an 'Anaerobic, Chlorine Fueled "Fire" - Impossible by Basic Laws of Physics. See us gov Thermal Images proof:  3. Tritium Levels 55 Times (normal) Background Levels assessed a numerical value of 'traces' and 'of no human concern'. See us gov (DOE report) proof:  4. An Impossible "Fire" (Combustion Process). See Laws of Physics for Fire/Combustion Process and Dr. Cahill's data on 'anaerobic incineration'.  5. 3 Billion pounds of building instantly turned into 2 Billion pounds of micronized dust.  6. 16 inch steel Spires that withstood 1/2 a Billion pounds of building falling on them and suddenly turn into limp noodles and partially vaporize.  7. Hiroshima effect cancers in responders and locals.  All of the above are facts are proven with referenced links of reputable data sources - many are from the government itself and more... Ed Ward, MD - 911 Related Articles - TCN&911WIJ - Chronological:  Bombs in the WTC Buildings Proves Nothing to Racist-Fascist Bigots Micro-Nukes at the WTC Update: Micro-Nukes at the WTC Update: Proves Micro Nukes in the WTC ttp:// Verifying the Source of WTC Tritium Levels that Are 55 Times "Background Levels" Prof. Jones Denies, Ignores, Misrepresents Proven Tritium Levels 55 Times Background Levels  National Geoscamics has caused me to re-evaluate my position on 'thermite'. I no longer believe it was used to cut steel. Take a look at this... And the fact flexible contact linear thermite didn't exist then or now. However, flexible contact linear cutting charges have been around since at least 1995. Plus, thermite is hard to light, a timing nightmare. 1 wiring with cutting charges with explosiveback up, or 2 wirings one for explosives and one for thermite? and it's added problems? I don't think so. But, thermite makes a great cover for a nuke. The amount of 'thermite residue' was fairly large. And we all saw thermite burning after the crash/fire - according to NG jet fuel is hard to light - but thermite grenades would ignite residual jet fuel after the initial missile blast and would fit the thermite I saw on video. Thermite is cover for the massive amount of nuclear heat from the micro IMO.  The only thermite I saw was one of the dinky thermite grenade quality. There is alot more, but that basically gets you up to speed.



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