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More Hillary Clinton Medical Records Released

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 11:48 Written by Vol. News Staff



Another batch of Hillary Clinton's purported "Medical Records" has been released and were published on this web site this evening after 9:00 PM eastern US time, during the airing of The Hal Turner Show.


These medical records first appeared on the public social networking site Twitter.  The initial release of records was limited to a few pages of a Patient report by Dr. Bardack of Mount Kisco Medical in New York, outlining that Hillary Clinton was suffering from Dementia, Black-outs, uncontrolled twitching and seizures.

That Twitter account was DELETED the same evening the information appeared, but the account promised to be back with more.

Today, that same account appeared again, apparently because a Twitter user has a few days to restore a deleted account. It released more information which it claims are Hillary Clinton's medical records.

Today's release is a Magnetic Resonance Angiogram purportedly of Hillary Clinton's brain in February.  

Circled in black with an arrow pointing to the circle, is a significant sized "abnormality" in the brain tissue.  A Doctor I consulted this afternoon explained to me that it was very difficult for him to draw an accurate conclusion based on a picture-of-a-picture.

He cautioned me that his interpretation may be incorrect, but then confidently told me


this is an image of a tissue abnormality caused by either a stroke or, Glioblastoma -- brain cancer.  


He said the area within the circle which is whitish, is the abnormal tissue.  It is white either because it died recently or because it is cancer.  

To the left and right of the small whitish area are darker areas.  The Doctor said this is either blood which escaped and clotted from a stroke, or necrotic (rotting) brain tissue from Glioblastoma.

He made it very clear that only with specific testing, and much better imaging could he make a valid conclusion, but in his years of Neurology, he's seen this several times before.

Here is the image provided by the anonymous Twitter user, which I showed to a Doctor this afternoon:



The Twitter user says there will be MORE records released in coming days.




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