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Attack on UN Convoy by U.S. Military, ISIS and/or Israel


False Flag Attack on UN Convoy Perpetrated by U.S. Military, ISIS Mortar and/or Israel Air ForceRussia and Syria Blamed for an egregious war crime committed by the Western Powers

The Zio-Anglo-American Axis was compelled to change
the conversation from their previous war crime of killing
over 60 Syrian soldiers on their base. Their handiwork
is shown here: First daylight pics of UN aid convoy that
was destroyed last night by American/Israeli airstrikes.

State of the Nation

The USA has been operating under fierce criticism ever since their Air Force committed the most egregious war crime since the recent agreement with Russia and Syria was signed.

ACT OF WAR: US Military Kills 62 Syrian Soldiers After Violating Syrian Airspace

Not even a week went by and the American military went rogue by attacking a Syrian government base killing 62 soldiers and injuring more than 100 with surgically precise airstrikes.


Not only was this atrocity not an accident, it was perfectly coordinated with two critical military initiatives.  As follows:

“Seven minutes after US-led coalition bombed the Syrian Army with phosphorus bombs, killing more than 60 soldiers and wounding more than 100, Daesh unleashed their assault on the Deri-Ezzor government enclave. The U.S. pretends it was an accident, and that the timing was a coincidence.”
(Source: Connecting The Dots Between: NYC Explosion, US War Crime in Syria, and the Daesh Assault on Deri-Ezzor)

A second military assault was also exactly timed with these U.S. airstrikes as the Israeli military attacked Syrian positions contiguous to the Golan heights.

Both of these military incursions were quite deliberately carried out with the U.S. attacks on the Syrian troops.   Hence, there is no plausible deniability for the Obama Administration to lean on.  They knew exactly what they were doing by committing these war crime(s).  The Syrian War in its entirety is actually one protracted war crime.

The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus

Please click on this photo to enlarge.

Russia Denies Any And All Involvement With the UN Convoy Attack

The Russian media has since been swift and emphatic to deny any involvement with the attack on the UN convoy.  Each of the major Russian news platforms has posted articles wherein the MoD (Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation) asserts with the highest authority that Russia had nothing to do with these attacks.

Russia, Syria did not deliver strikes on UN aid convoy near Aleppo — ministry

Russian, Syrian Air Forces did not strike UN aid convoy in Aleppo – Russian MoD

Russian and Syrian aircraft did not carry out any airstrikes against a UN humanitarian aid convoy

Why did the U.S. and ISIS attack a UN convoy?

The Zio-Anglo-American war strategy in Syria (as well as throughout the Northern Levant) has always been to remove the indigenous populations from their ancestral lands.  Only in this way can the Greater Israel project be completed.   By showing the Syrian people that even the UN missions are no longer safe and/or able to convey direly needed food and supplies, the will be compelled to migrate from their homes far away from the war zone. The flood of war refugees and economic migrants that has washed over Europe is the direct result of this purposeful plan.

This US attack on the UN convoy and warehouse dramatically destroyed vital subsistence material for those in the greatest need and also showed them that nothing is safe.  It also sends a message to the whole of humanity that the United Nations is nothing but a puppet of the Anglo-American Axis.[1]  Not only is the UN headquarters located in New York City and funded to a highly disproportionate level by the USA, it is a creature of Anglo-American imperialism as executed by the international banking cartel—a global crime syndicate.



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