Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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Dying Clinton To Vanish Last 3 Weeks Before Election

How Much More Treason, Fraud & Deceit Will Americans Take?
Curling Up In Bed With Huma, Hiding Her Massive Felonies & Treasons
For The Final Three Weeks Of The Campaign Should Outrage ALL Voters

Dying Clinton To Vanish Last 3 Weeks Before Election
No Campaigning Scheduled - Tries To Hide Terminal Illness - Click

For Our Founding Forefathers, Our Children And Our Magnificent, Priceless Constitution
Do Not Allow This Dying Career Criminal Killer Near The White House A Second Time
She Only Cares About Using Us All To Line Her Pockets And Abusing Rape Victims
This Is A LIFE And DEATH Vote For What Was - And Still Could Be - The Greatest Nation
In World History. Do Not Let It All Have Been In Vain. The Globalist, Communist US Media
Should Be Charged Collectively For Collusion To Obstruct Justice, RICO And Mass Treason

This IS Our LAST And FINAL Chance For Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness...
In A Republic Based On Law And Order And Anchored Upon The Immortal Bill Of Rights 



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