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Putin Authorizes Retaliatory “Special Weapon” Attack On US East-West Coasts

October 15, 2016

Putin Authorizes Retaliatory “Special Weapon” Attack On US East-West Coasts

By: Sorcha Faal,

A terrifying new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that President Putin signed a decree this morning authorizing the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to “immediately retaliate” against the Obama regime by targeting the East and West coastal regions of the United States with a “special weapons barrage” once the Federation is attacked by the American’s who just hours ago threatened an unprecedented massive cyber attack on Russia and whose nuclear war status has been reported to have been raised to DEFCON 3.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



According to this report, the “special weapons” President Putin authorized the MoD to use against the Obama regime include high-power microwave (HPM) E-bombs, cruise missiles and artillery shells that use an enormous electromagnetic radio pulse to disable computers, electronics, vehicles, guided missiles and communications while leaving people and structures unharmed—and that this decree specifically states are only to used against the East and West coastal regions of the United States where the oligarchs of this nation rule from, thus leaving the “Heartland of America” (ordinary people/citizens) unaffected.

Important to note, and as we had previously reported on in our 15 June 2015 report Russia Deploys Feared EMP Weapons, Orders Troops To “Staggered Defense” Positions, President Putin had previously ordered the deployment of these “special weapons” to protect the Federation against the “insane attacks” against Russia by the Obama regime and its propaganda mainstream media to which he bluntly replied to at the time by stating:

I think that only an insane person, and only in a dream, can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO.  I think some countries are simply taking advantage of people’s fears with regard to Russia. They just want to play the role of front-line countries that should receive some supplementary military, economic, financial or some other aid, but I invite you to publish a world map…and mark all the US military bases on it, then you will see the difference between Russia and America.”


As to why the Obama regime has openly threatened this unprecedented attack upon the Federation, this report explains, is due to what the Obama regime says is their retaliation for the alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election—which MoD analysts in this report state that even if true, the releasing of secret Hillary Clinton emails to the American public cannot in anyway be described as “interference”, but, instead, is more comparable to a “public service”.

Bolstering the MoD’s assertion that the releasing of Hillary Clinton’s secret emails is a “public service” to the American people, this report continues, is that it exactly complies with previously US State Department stated guidelines in their releasing to the Ukrainian people all of their previous governments secret communications that the American’s said was done as a, likewise, “public service”—and whose legitimately elected government was overthrown by Hillary Clinton in what the powerful, and secretive, private US intelligence agency Stratfor (the Shadow CIA) called “the most blatant coup in all of history”. 

With these Hillary Clinton emails showing her campaign, in 2008, was secretly accusing President Obama of being a “Muslim drug dealer, this report notes, even more shocking revelations have been revealed this past week—and include her reliance on billionaire donors to keep the American people at bay from her, her secretly advocating that the borders of the United States be abolished, her colluding with the Obama regime to keep her emails secret, her secretly working with the US mainstream media to keep her crimes secret—and many other grave admissions too.  



Even more gravely to be noted in this Security Council report is its stating that Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, is a “widely known” accomplice of the feared Russian mafia who President Putin is a sworn enemy of, and who seek to destroy the Federation so their crimes can go unpunished and who are openly being aided by the Clinton’s and the Obama regime itself.

Interestingly this report notes that besides Donald Trump, the US Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein, has begun openly warning the American people about Hillary Clinton too—and who just days ago warned them that Hillary Clinton is planning a nuclear war with Russia. 



And most dangerously for the American people, this report says, is that while their propaganda mainstream media is “distracting them with tapes and emails”, they are not being told how close World War II is—but that cannot be said of the Russian people who are now being told to urgently prepare for a devastating radioactive conflict and find their local bunkers, are being guaranteed three hundred grams of bread per day when war starts, and are being warned to prepare their gas masks.



This report concludes by grimly noting that the actual severity of this war, like all wars, cannot accurately be determined beforehand—but does note that if the past is prelude to what the Obama-Clinton regime will do, a “false flag pretext” will be used to start this conflict, and that the past has long proven the United States has always done to lie their citizens into war.   


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