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Trump Victory Saves US from Disintegration


November 8, 2016



Patriots, and all those who believe in decency, 

common sense and the rule of law, 

can breathe a sigh of relief. This is a victory

for freedom!






by Henry Makow Ph.D. 


Frankly I expected a Trump landslide, so until the momentum started to shift half-way through the evening, I was quite depressed.


The vote wasn't rigged! What a pleasant surprise! How wonderful to see the media whores eating humble pie. David Frum had the chutzpah to warn that Trump would use his position to enrich himself!  Do the words Clinton Foundation mean anything to him? 


Whatever our doubts about Trump, he does seem like America's, and the world's last chance. The Clinton Democrats are clearly shills for  Rothschild world tyranny. They are traitors, apart from their innumerable other sins. I just couldn't believe anyone would vote for them. 


Americans have been under relentless attack by these traitors for decades. Open borders/migration. False flag terror. The duplicitous war on Syria and support for ISIS. The coup in Ukraine. The demonizing of Putin leading to World War Three. The mainstreaming of homosexuality and encouragement of transgenderism and self identification (re. bathrooms). Suffocating political correctness. TPP trade deals. Brazen Clinton influence-peddling, Satanism and pedophilia. I couldn't believe a country would commit suicide by electing her. Well apparently, like England, the national spirit was not yet dead. America has risen to fight another day!.


As Trump emphasized, his is a movement to make America great again. The work is just beginning. The coming weeks and months will determine if he is the real deal. I have raised some troubling questions.    Hopefully he will restore some reality to the political scene.


The future at least seems exciting. Under Clinton, it would have been a slow torture and death.




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