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Did Israel /Mossad/ Rig the US-Election


By Gordon Duff,  on November 10, 2016

Where did the ten million missing Democrat votes go, and why is no one in media even asking, but VT?

… by  Gordon Duff,  VT Senior Editor

The plan was for Trump to announce he wouldn’t accept election results, to charge democrats with rigging the election.  He already knew the fix was in and in saying what he said, nobody could make the same charges, though true.  This is taught in every law school.  Ten million democratic votes simply disappeared and the predicted landslide victory of Hillary Clinton was stolen courtesy of very real Russian hackers and the Mossad.

Remember the charges of Russian hacking?  Same as the Trump election rigging game, Russia wasn’t hacking emails, it was hacking ten million votes, in partnership with Israel, as is all over the now totally controlled news.

The media played their part, the reports of voter apathy and hating both candidates were very much a part of it, all seeded into the media by operatives of Israel and Russia, long in control of the press in the US.  Real voters clogged the polls, huge early voting, stoked up by a divisive election like none other.  Yes, this is only part of how ten million Americans lost the Vote and how America fell.

This is also why the Supreme Court was choked off, in a permanent 4/4 deadlock, so this case can never be brought, not to a rigged Supreme Court.

With 10 million erased from the election, African American voters were totally erased.  Thus we have stories about record voting then quickly followed by totally opposite stories of how “those people” all stayed home.  Lincoln warned us of those among us but he underestimated the role Israel would play in American society.  Lincoln had no FBI, no worldwide crime syndicates, no CIA with its billions in drug cash:

 “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”

We have to confess, we pushed Russia into this when we overthrew Ukraine and threatened their access to the Black Sea.  We pushed them into this.

So much is coming into focus, so much of the past two years that made little sense, odd things like the Scalia death scandal and the inexplicable behavior of all involved in the Middle East, everyone changing sides over and over, Israel, the US, Turkey, Russia, even and perhaps especially, Iran.  Teams have realigned half a dozen times, much of it making no sense at all to those whose day job it is to study these things… Gordon.


[ Editor’s Note: Russian officials have said they were in contact with many of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign team during the run-up to the U.S. presidential election. Despite the fact that Trump’s team has repeatedly denied this assertion, Russia on Thursday confirmed it.

“There were contacts” before the election, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov reportedly said Thursday. “Obviously, we know most of the people from his entourage… I cannot say that all of them, but quite a few have been staying in touch with Russian representatives.”

He added, “We continue this work, of course.” Members of Trump’s team also met with Russian embassy staff, which Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called “normal practice.” Hillary Clinton had refused similar meetings, she said.


Editor’s Note 2:  A very secret source (Wikipedia), just disclosed an important anomaly as to where the missing Hillary votes went. I had read one MSM analyst piece on the 9th on how the pollsters muffed it by digging out that their polling baseline was the number of people who voted in the 2012 elections, but that Trump had pulled in about 2 million voters who did not vote in 2012, hence their surprise showing on Tuesday.


But looking back to the 2008 election, we found Obama pulling 69 million to Hillary’s 59 million in 2016, so where did the 10 million Obama voters go, when as an eight-year incumbent he had the bully pulpit to call them out?

2016 election results – Wikipedia


Clinton: 59,612,076 votes    Trump:  59,400,973 


2008 election results


Obama: 69,498,516 votes   McCain:  59,948,323

So why is no one in media even mentioning this but VT, once again, as we have so many time before.  This is the black hole of missing votes in all election history, and no one is even curious? Riddle me that.

And lastly, a major move like this is years in the planning, as was the mortgage fraud scam and 9-11.  We see some of the aiders and abettors of 9-11 on the scene for this one. VT had always warned the public that if they took 9-11 laying down, the perps would know we would not stand up to anything. They could come back and take what they want, when they want it.

We are revisiting Nuland and crowd now, with her Israeli friends playing a key role in cranking up the Ukraine disaster, which put Crimea in play as everybody knew there is no way Russia was going to lose its base there. We could go back to the Israeli commandos that took out the Russian peacekeepers the evening of the South Ossetia bombardment so the Georgian Army would have an easy time taking the city while the commandos flew back to Israel. I mention it now because of the long history of Israeli using Russia as a punching bag for hire.

But despite the huge Crimean vote to join Russia, NATO would claim Russian aggression and begin moving toward the border and also into the Black Sea. That put Russia in play to be willing to entertain some MidEast flexibility in return for an eventual NATO pullback from its borders and anything that would push oil prices up, which is a major engine for funding their continuing domestic economic expansion.

The hackers of all hackers are the ones that are never publicly discussed…the Israelis. We all remember Clinton telling Monica Lewinsky to be careful about what she said on the phone as the Israelis had the phone system contract. Mass media never lifted a finger to pick up on that story…why would a US President meekly accept Israeli monitoring of White House phone traffic.

If anybody could make a lot of votes disappear AND there be no media coverage about it, that limits the suspects to only one in my book, with the Russians of course being the scapegoat. The highly publicized 30 plus segment Podesta email dump looks more and more like a cover itself for a vanishing votes distraction psyop, like the magician’s pretty girl with the cute behind who always bent over at the right time when he did not want you to see his deft move for his trick.

If the missing millions of votes get no MSM coverage you will know who did it... Jim W. Dean ]


– First published …  November 10,  2016

The whole thing has been the biggest intelligence operation in history with a war room in Macedonia, storyboarded like a Spielberg movie, an overthrow of the American government by intelligence agencies and organized crime.  

We waited for confirmations, we are not guessing.  Those around Hillary now know the truth as do most in the corridors of power.  They can’t stop it.  Many are terrified, facing ruin or assassination, family members suffering accidents.

Deals were cut, Russia and China, OPEC and the banks and, don’t forget, the military industrial complex.  From this point on, everything you see and read, not most of it, all of it, will be scripted.  The window is shuttered, the doors are locked, it is too late.  A handful have flocked around former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel but, in four years, nothing may be left.

You see, you can’t flip an election without a “deception and cover” operation, no matter how lame.  How do you go from 12 points ahead to 4 points ahead, then lose an election by a big electoral margin and still end up winning popular vote, even with obvious rigging?

The answer is that even a landslide victory is not enough.  Hillary had to go because unlike Obama, she was capable of standing up to Israel, had the backing in the financial community and the full backing of America’s Jews, 90% of whom voted for her.

Few who live on internet fake news understand minor things like why Putin and Netanyahu are so close or why Putin is silent while ISIS moves thousands of jihadists through Turkey while he has to bring in a fleet to attack them.  If this all sounds like faked bullshit to you, you don’t even get half of it.

Russia wants to keep Crimea and get NATO out of the Baltic.  Their feint into the Middle East is coming to an end now.  Iran has their own deal here.  It is their job to defend Iran.  When they were briefed on the rigged election months ago, and they were briefed, Israel saw to that, the threat of returned sanctions due to a scrapped nuclear deal, as promised by Trump (along with so much else) reminded them of what they have to lose.

Everyone got that kind of offer “they couldn’t refuse.”  Everyone was leveraged.  Everyone’s survival was in question and everyone cut a deal with Israel but also know they will be betrayed.  Everyone is buying time, Russia building their fleet, modernizing their military, Iran building cash reserves and bringing their petroleum assets closer to market, and others are simply waiting for the end.

When the actor known as Julian Assange told reporters “Wikileaks doesn’t have anything on Trump,” I cringed. Everyone has something on Trump, oh please.  We had always wondered where Wikileaks was but it took Rolling Stone magazine to stumble over it, in Macedonia of all places.

After the debacle or election or whatever you choose to see it as, Israeli operatives have been tripping over themselves taking credit for rigging the election, for running Wikileaks, for controlling the FBI and for being able to do it rather openly.

From the Times of Israel, a newspaper run by former Israeli intelligence officers, actually a bit better than any of the American papers but that isn’t saying much;

On January 20, 2017, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will finally have a Republican president sitting in the White House.  Donald Trump’s victory seems to be a dream come true for the Israeli prime minister. The president-elect has repeatedly vowed to unconditionally back the Jewish state in any possible way: he promised not to try to force a solution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; slammed the Iranian nuclear deal; pledged to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and removed the two-state solution from the Republican party platform.

Hell, even the Iranians love Trump, based on their cursory understanding of American politics.  “See the cluster bomb, love the cluster bomb, ask our Yemeni brothers how that worked out for them.”

Hell, they [Trump intermediaries] even told white supremacists in half a dozen states that they were going to be able to begin rounding up Jews after Trump gets in.  As Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

The threats are pouring out of Trumplandia and the minor thing, Netanyahu declaring Trump a “Friend of Israel” hasn’t dampened their ardor for the oompalooma puppet.  Yes, this is a puppet and America is filled with them.  Decline, nothing that gentle is in store.

I am only going to write this once.  None of us are safe.  What we are seeing now, what is being prepared, is unholy. This was a coup, not an election, planned and financed with mob money, run out of Macedonia, operating the FBI, Wikileaks and the CIA’s vote flipping machinery on the scale it was intended, multiple states, millions of popular votes as in 2004.  The depth and planning involved deal cutting across America and even included destroying NATO.

This is what brought Russia in.  We were also told of a deal where an Israeli puppet would be put into Damascus, another in Cairo and Iraq would be shattered.  Another staged looting of the US economy is there also, putting a stop to the years of gain made under Obama.  This was an overthrow of the United States, not an election, and none of us are safe.  We are now a full blown police state, something even Bush would have stopped.

The information is coming in from intelligence sources and from around Washington.  The planners of 9/11, older, as malevolent as ever, those that are alive anyway, did it again.  This time may well be worse.  Trump promised Israel “the farm” when he went to visit their illegal capitol in Jerusalem

This one is easy, they are bragging about it, massive electronic vote flipping, not just the few dozen precincts like in 2000 and 2004 but hundreds of them and millions of votes.  We had some background before the “confession” came, in this case from the leadership of AIPAC, the American, Israeli Public Affairs Committee:

“We set up the facility in Macedonia, we have been operating the FBI, we hacked state after state and Trump, now a “Friend of Israel” is our puppet.”

Saying this is one thing.  This really happened and what is behind it is worse, so much worse than most can imagine.

I was doing election commentary when things went very strange.  I began on Al-alam and then moved to Press TV as state after state left behind the polling data, some states like Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, in ways that made no sense.  Millions of votes were simply missing and the normal totals runups, compared with 2012, were missing.  Trump went up while democratic votes stopped completely.

None of this is possible.  Yes, Hillary left herself open for this.  The insiders around her were all on the Israeli payroll, pushing her into stupid positions, feeding information into the Trump campaign, setting her up over and over and yet this wasn’t enough.  Trump’s mouth, from how he looked, high on something and, by the end of the campaign, soaked in anti-psychotics, he isn’t even a puppet.  He isn’t anyone at all, he never has been.

Some of what is planned makes sense actually but for the wrong reasons.  None of this is about Jews.  Netanyahu hates Jews as does Adelson, who paid for this, along with the Saudis.

Jews are too liberal, too sensitive and all but the Talmudic fanatics don’t really like the idea of destroying the real Jewish homeland, the United States.  Europe is something else.  France had been taken over some time ago.  So had Britain.  Merkel has always been a puppet but American power in Europe has always been fickle, and a real president could reassert American dominance, have cut the deals with Putin that were needed, could have reassured China and instituted a Pax Americana.

Obama wasn’t that person though he may well have wanted to be.  As to why, is a story onto itself.

The Fix

Data on projected voter turnout in 2016 is already scrubbed.  With record primary voting, you would have read about estimates of up to 140 million voters for 2016, 11 million more than 2012.  Romney was a lackluster candidate who had no desire for the presidency and Obama’s programs were long in stall mode from congressional gridlock.  There was a very low Latino vote and “Redneck America” never warmed to John McCain yet 129 million came to the polls, 10 million more than voted in 2016.

Here is what to expect, as this story gets out, assets within the media will be tasked with explaining low turnouts.  “Blacks stayed home.”  “The estimated massive Latino vote never happened,” except we know it did, it just was never counted.

What you won’t hear in the mainstream press is anything about rigged elections, not like before the election.  They were controlled from day 1, just as predicted by author Jeff Gates.  The fix was always in and to cover his ass, Trump continually complained about it being the other guy, something he has done all his life and he never went to law school.

70 million Americans were cheated in this election, 59 million that technically exist, as the count ends, a small majority.  Then there is the invisible 10 million or is it 14 million?  America keeps no records of such things, there are no controls, even when more than 10 million votes or more are stolen.  With no new judges appointed for 8 years, with no prosecutors confirmed, no one to seat a grand jury and a corrupted FBI, this was too easy.

We made it simple for them when we ignored 9/11.

The occupation has begun and those Americans who aren’t useful to their new masters are going to feel the pain, mark my words.



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