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Who Took This Picture Of The Rover On Mars

Date: Monday, 5-Nov-2012 


NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer so we'll never get the truth out of them. As we've seen before, they have been caught 'faking' pictures of Mars' landscape 

If you ask  if that rover is really on Mars at all or just on the desert somewhere in the U.S.

In this new image, NASA is saying it was pieced together from thumbnails..? O.K., where's the 'arm' coming off the rover with the camera? Where's the shadow on the ground?

It looks like this picture was taken from a few feet away..

And supposedly NASA spends billions of dollars to 'send a rover to Mars,' just so it can take pictures of itself??

The whole NASA/JPL Mars program is just one big dog and pony show, just like it was with the moon...


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