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The life on Mars

GUN As To Life On Mars

NASA image enhanced courtesy Jeffrey McCann - above is the title of the article that has been circulating around the news media since 6/8/2000 along with access to the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) #M04-00291 anomaly image the most important part of which you see here at the top of Jeff Rense's "Sightings" page and it is this material that set off the current furor over Mars anomalies. Jeff Rense is to be commended for putting this up at all but especially in such a prominent position on his page. This anomaly was found by me at which is the web site of Richard C. Hoagland. As luck would have it, it was the same day he posted it on 6/7/2000 and it was identified there as having been discovered by Mr. Hoagland. This particular anomaly image is part of some 27,500 new MGS images dumped onto the Web by Malin of Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) who designed and operates the onboard camera systems as well as receives and processes the image data while JPL built and operates the MGS space craft and NASA is suppose to provide oversight. These images had been being held back by Malin since the beginning despite the cry for their release and what to me appears to be a completely immoral as well as illegal act. Recent criticism of NASA/JPL Mars mission failure problems combined with the recent revelation that Admiral Bobby Inman, one the nation's most famous super spooks in the military Intelligence community (who has headed many very secret intelligence organizations including the NSA) was secretly chairing the JPL oversight committee. This was too much as it now appeared the supposedly public space program with all of those millions of our tax dollars had been hijacked into secrecy. This started a grassroots pressure campaign, which I was a part of, directed at public servants and especially Senator John McCain since he chairs the main public oversight committee over NASA and JPL. The result was the sudden recent dump of an incredible 27,500 images onto the Internet/Web. I'm sure that Malin was very happy about the whole thing after loyally following the party line for so long. Hoping and partially expecting some results from this campaign, I was cruising the web sites that I knew would be digging in this new treasure store. Sure enough I found Hoagland's 6/7/2000 anomaly post. I instantly recognized this one of several anomalies there as the most obvious anomalous image ever to come from Mars that even John Q. Public could see as clearly anomalous without experts trying to tell him or her what to think about it. Even now, after more finds, it is still the most obvious with respect to native life on Mars implications. Further, the obvious fact that these are clearly constructed or made anomaly structures as opposed to natural geology or topography very clearly implies life on Mars of some kind and native life at that. This anomaly speaks for itself big time! So much so that I also knew that there would be those who would not wish to see such an anomaly ever come to the attention of the general public because of its clear native life implications. So, while some waste time debating microbe presence in a meteorite, here was The Real SMOKING GUN as to Life on Mars! The smoking gun that I knew NASA/JPL/Malin would ignore and actively resist as would the tightly controlled USA news media which means that the general public was never going to get to see these anomalous structures if something wasn't done. I decided to try to do this myself and started out on a one man campaign to get this out in the main USA news media despite the anticipated resistance. The first step was to confirm that the images were real and not changed. I did that by going to the official Malin web site for this image at and inspecting closely by opening up the full size, best quality image strip there and locating the main anomaly in the very bottom of the strip. It was during this review that I discovered that there were other lesser anomalies in this strip above the main one. Once I confirmed that the main anomaly was not only striking in the extreme, but also unquestionably authentic, I developed my piece with the above title and set off on a email campaign starting 6/8-9/2000. I of course approached all the main USA news media including news and wire services, newspapers, magazines, etc. However, I suspected them to resist because this wasn't a image sanctioned by NASA/JPL/Inman and crew and they know what's expected of them. I made no expectations there, just went through the motions. My real target was the world news media as I anticipated that not every single one of those would be afraid to run it. I don't think I missed too many. I repeated this process two more times for three shots in all. I knew that if very many world news medias started picking this up, this would apply pressure to the USA news media making them, and of course NASA/JPL/Malin/Inman, alert and watching even if they didn't actually start picking it up themselves. It was my opinion that, if too many small media outlets started picking this up, the large medias would eventually have to give up and start seriously considering picking it up to stay competitive and not be conspicuous by their absence. I was also depending on the anomaly image as a visual powerhouse to jar minds awake. After all, the image when first seen is fantastic, absolutely real, and unquestionably authentic since I always linked the news media to the official image and referenced Hoagland's site merely for credit purposes. In other words, the message was that this comes directly from NASA/JPL folks, even if NASA/JPL refused to acknowledge that it exists which they did and still do. After I felt that I had done all I could do there for the moment, I came back to the Internet/Web and plopped the whole business down in Valerie Bedewitz's <:link> "The Courtyard" forum because I knew of some mighty intelligent people their who could and would take the ball and run with it and boy did they. Many people latched on to this and helped but particularly Larry (Lightbender) and Jeffrey. While it was being chewed over there, I decided to take my article over to a huge site that is very conservative but has a huge amount of access hits and many politicians and influential D.C. people haunt the forums there. I posted my article with the title seen here in two places, one right up front where it was suppose to go but also hid it complete and intact way down deep as a response to another original Mars post there talking up the NASA party line paving the way for the news that was shortly going to come out of NASA's about water on Mars. Within 2-3 minutes, they had my up front post killed. But they must have been pulling their hair out for a few minutes there because, even with the up front killed, the responses to my hidden post were flying in keeping my article right up at the top anyway. Within 7-8 minutes, they had that killed to as well as all of the response posts cleaned out but not before a incredible 129 people had accessed the article in just 7-8 minutes. If it could have stayed there for an hour, it would have been all over for the USA news media and NASA/JPL right then and there. Sigh! Still it was funny to see that wild melee and imagine what they must have been going through. Others of course may have a different opinion but mine is that they were waiting on me. No web master could have acted that quickly unless they were waiting for me. If it hadn't been for the hidden post, they would have gotten my piece in 2-3 minutes. Now that's fast. But that isn't all.  I accessed my article just before they got it completely cleaned out and there was only a single short response post there even though other's response posts were still being killed and clearly indicating that there should have been at least 8-10 there. It said, as long as we're indulging in wild speculation, looks like mining tailings to me. Of course, the "mining tailings" is dumb, the real message was "wild speculation." In my opinion, they had that waiting there just for me as well. In any case, the work with others through The Courtyard wound up with the anomaly up at Sightings thanks especially to Larry but with only some scattered forum posts of mine as Ski42 to accompany it. Eventually, I decided to come out with my true identity and provide a direct article to Jeff Rense because he has been so good and courageous about putting this striking anomaly up before the public. NASA's Water on Mars Story Although I of course can't prove it, I fully believe that my preparation work around the world was just effective enough to stampede NASA a little into issuing a series of preparatory and breaking news stories in an attempt to misdirect and deflect public attention away from the Real SMOKING GUN prize image here at "Sightings" and into banality. Don't think so, then consider this. Although perhaps not to the general public, the water on Mars business is old news to those in the know and certainly to NASA who has known about it since at least 1980. Go to and look in the list there at "C" where it states "Dr. Leonard Martin of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona discovered a large water spout erupting in two images in 1980, and was published in the NASA Activities, Dec. 1980, vol. 11, no. 12. The images - 775A10 and 775A11 are included in the referenced book - Unusual Mars Surface Features." In other words, this is part of NASA's own records and accepted by them in 1980. These old images demonstrate the water itself which is far more significant as evidence than NASA now wanting to talk about possible/probable signs of water erosion in some MGS image. Hello! In my opinion, they didn't have anything comparable to this MGS M04-00291 anomaly in appeal that they felt they could afford to have the public see and they were coming to the conclusion that the image I was pushing was eventually going to get out despite their efforts to keep that from happening.  They are NASA and anything they say no matter how lame or implausible will instantly be reported dutifully by ALL the news media hanging on every word in a feeding frenzy with all the credibility that goes along with that and of course that means John Q. Public is never the wiser. So, they trotted out this old story updated to freshen it up and added some cooperative scientists like Malin (surprise?) and others and snowed everyone and dominated the media attention. That's all right fellows, the image is still here and it is what it is and nothing can change that. WHY?? ARE THERE HIDDEN AGENDAS HERE? There appears clearly to be a broad agreed upon agenda in the NASA/JPL/Inman industrial/military complex to seek new funding for new Mars exploration. That means funding and our tax dollars in large quantities. There is a great deal on Mars that is kept secret and only the smallest speck of it is allowed to get into any public awareness. There has been intense secrecy regarding Mars for long years. During the years of this secrecy, some questionable things have been done in the name of that secrecy (uh National Security) which equates to a lot of skeletons in the closet. In others words, some of these activities are explosive and would not stand up well under the full light of day and therefore there is much to loose. Add that those involved in secrecy throughout the NASA/JPL/scientist/intelligence/military/industrial complex are not a homogenous group. There is no one boss because we are also describing a lot of black projects within this overall umbrella who are isolated from each other in cells.  Some feel that the degree of secrecy is excessive in these modern times and too risky of sudden collapse while other older heads feel the opposite. Others are involved power control conflicts and develop strategies designed to weaken the opposing side and the same is true in reverse for the other side. Still, if one side goes completely down, the other goes with it, so all have much to loose. So wars with each other continue but then to so does cooperation when something smacks of mutual survival. In my opinion, this M04-00291 anomaly was allowed to pass through by the more liberal side and possibly even placed in the path of Hoagland for him to find. If he had pursued pushing the anomaly aggressively, the same tried and true tactics that he has been so susceptible to for so long would have been used. The image would have gotten some of the exposure it needed from their point of view but not enough to galvanize John Q. Public into excitement. In other words, the exposure would have been controllable. Remember to that, although this anomaly image is the best ever seen by us in the public and the least susceptible to manipulation and spin control in the relative sense, it is not completely immune. It is not a mile high condo with a Martian sitting on the throne in his bathroom reading his morning paper looking up in surprise at the MGS camera. I see you! Now that's when it starts getting immune. But then I came into the picture literally right out of nowhere, a nobody with no connection at all to anyone, and the strategies used were my own not shared with anyone else until late in the game. Therefore, this turn of events was totally impossible to predict as were my strategies. The anomaly's journey took a different course than the one intended. Their strategy to shut me down at the biggest news organizations is one that works fine on everyone including me but my persistence and the fantastic image itself was creating some holes beginning to make that boat a little leaky. It would then be logical to assume that it was eventually going to get out and therefore the next strategies must be based on this probability. Thus, the NASA backed water on Mars stories and the media isn't about to pay attention. We get him headed off and the image gets headed off with him. WHAT CAN WE SAY IS KNOWN ABOUT THE ANOMALY ITSELF Well for one, only what we can see but that is considerable. Unlike the appearance of some other similar looking anomalies that have since come out on the heels of this one, this one is clearly and most definitely not any natural geology or topography even remotely known to us. Unlike other somewhat similar appearing anomalies, this anomaly is clearly and conspicuously alien to the geology and topography it is buried and embedded in and that appears to be so clear because of what good shape it is in and how much exposed it is. There are multiple structures of different sizes but still all are huge. Most seen in this image are in good condition completely counter to everything else we see on Mars whether geology or anomalies. In this image, unlike some others, we can clearly see that the anomalous structures are round in shape and uniform. The rings or bands are of a lighter color, appear solid and non-translucent, and generally uniformly spaced apart from each other for long runs down the lengths. The material between the bands or rings appear to be either of a different composition or at least thinner composition showing a darker somewhat translucent quality which in turn indicates a probable hollow interior. We can see that these tube shaped structures are probably flexible as evidenced by sectional groups of some bands being angled indicating probable conformance to uneven surfaces on which they rest. Most important of all, we can clearly see a run of tube in great condition coming down, riding over the top of a tube below it and clearly ending and terminating and attaching to the tube below it. The terminating end is clearly round and very smooth and/or polished as evidenced by the strong light reflection of the end surface at that point. Further, the end is smooth all the way back for several joint spaces without any apparent banding. That makes the terminating end of the upper tube completely different than other tubes in this regard. If you look closely, you can also clearly see at least one band attaching and encompassing both tubes at the junction point clearly meant to reinforce the connection of the two tubes. This clear attachment feature of two separate tubes and the reinforcement band clearly indicate that this is a probable made construct and most definitely not a result of natural geology. SPECULATION: WHAT ARE THESE THINGS? Of course, there will be many different speculations but here's my take. I believe that the anomalous structures in the main anomaly area at the bottom of the MGS M04-00291 image strip are hollow utilitarian transport tubes. Transport what?  I believe that they are designed to follow, gather, and transport water to a different location via underground pathways. Water is everything on Mars, it is in fact life itself. Hoagland says that this is an old sea bed. The cracks the structures are located in are not the work of a typical river carving the land out and that's why they don't look like it. That implies strong water flow and I don't think that's what went on here. But, water is still the key. If any of you have ever seen it, this looks very similar to shallow tidal water (gentle as in the South, not fast and deep like the North) mud flats but here the soil has a much more granular rocky porous texture as opposed to fine silt. Fine silt usually means the presence of decaying vegetation but any vegetation here probably died out long before the water actually got super low and is no factor here. There isn't a tide action here but the gradual slow drying up of the sea bed until finally the water is down to soil level. Small gentle rivulets temporarily form as the water genteelly seeks the lowest topography as the water gets lower and lower finally to soil and then below soil level. Erosion is present in this process but across broader areas and gentle in its effect. Look at the full image strip (referenced at end of this article) and go to the center area on the right. You will see another similar but much less severe cracking and more of these anomalous structures just showing at surface level but which appear in worse shape. If you will look close, you can see the very light soil erosion action going from the anomaly center right down to and joining the main anomaly area no doubt following the path of the anomaly structure underneath that we can't see at top soil level. As the water dries up more and more falling below surface ground level, it forms void pockets in the underlying earth. The top soil collapses or settles over time into these voids forming the cracks around the anomalous structures. The cracks then are nothing more than sink holes but aligned with the anomalous structures making them elongated and appearing crack like or river bed like. The lowest point is where the greatest sink collapsing process takes place (largest hole) and the location of the last of the exposed water before it goes even deeper. If this scenario is true, then these anomalous structures may be nothing more than giant water collection and transfer systems. Not as glamorous as ancient tourists (SeaWorld on Mars) walking down a translucent underwater tunnel on the bottom of an ancient shallow sea but still hot with life and perhaps even intelligent life implications. Here water is always the key. The surface of these structures between the bands may be a membrane technology that allows water entry but not solids like sand particles or perhaps not even fine salt particles similar to our desal plants whick also works on the principle of extracting fresh water from salt water by passing the raw water through membranes that will not allow the passage of fine salt particles. Notice how thick in number the anomalous structures are in the main big hole area and also how they appear a bit careless and not quite as orderly as one might expect. That is probably because these were efficient but utilitarian devices that may have been placed in and around this lowest place sump that the last water had drained down into at a later time than the structures seen center right in the same film strip. The placement of these tubes may have been dictated at the time by the builder's perception of the best location to access the last of the water. As the water and its level shifted over time, more tubes were attached to follow it resulting in a sort of irregular patchwork of these things in the final water resting place of the large hole. Also, have you ever seen slow motion film of a water droplet hitting water or mud? If so, did you note that thin tall cone of water or mud that temporarily rose from the impact point before collapsing? Now, access one of the image URLs located at the end of this piece that is brown colorized and gives a slightly expanded view of the area surrounding the main anomaly site. Now take a look at the largest meteor crater in the same area as the main anomalies and just to the right of them. Note that it appears to be dead center in a ring of different textured ground that is also probably a rise. Note that most of the top of it looks more like a giant chimney than a standard crater even though it is a fairly sizeable hit. Get close to the screen and note how tall and thin the vertical walls are. This is not usual but can still be explained by natural geology at work. The meteor probably impacted in a thick stiff mud slurry forming this general type of crater. The thinness of the crater chimney like walls may be explained by this stiff mud slurry that quickly creted as the walls quickly dried out in the thin super dry and frozen Martian air. Wind and sand erosion of the soft granular sediment composition of the exterior crater walls over time is no doubt a factor as well. The crater may actually not be that old and that may also be true as well of the anomalous structures down in the big main sump hole compared to the tubes that appear on higher and dryer ground in the upper part of the full image strip. This thought brings to mind the possibilities that these particular tubes may still be functioning to some extent and that may also explain why they appear in better condition than others. Big implications here! We are talking life and WATER. For example, water may still exist deep down in this main sump hole and, if so, what does that say about the builders? Are there still survivors? Further, is it possible that these are actually organic colossus constructs meant to grow and follow water and live off of water and still perform a desired water collection and transport function for the originators. If one can wrap around that idea and grasp it, this might well have implications for most of the other similar tube like structures but which also clearly show signs of probable wind erosion such as in natural geology. Maybe those are not geological reefs or ridges but now long dead organic tube carcasses that followed water in super ancient times both shallow and deep in the earth. When the earth they were embedded in dried completely up and the organic tube died, the thin walls of the tube deteriorated over time and dissolved long before the bands/ribs. This would have allow earth/sand to enter the interior of the tube and fill it. Then after millennia past and the area of earth they were located in became exposed to the surface due to geological changes and forces, the soft areas between the band/ribs/supports were eroded away at surface level since they were just basic earth fill while the main supports or ribs continue to resist longer creating the now geological appearing ridges seen in so many of the possible anomaly MGS images. Likewise, the sometimes roundish and then sometimes in the same exposed length flattened similar appearing tubes may be the same organic constructs. When they die in the earth due to age or lack of water or both, the ground force changes sometimes mash whole areas flat to varying degrees, some completely and some partially which explains the both wide and narrow widths in the same runs. Then when they become exposed to the surface in later ages subject to surface wind erosion, in some places the bands/ribs are just plain flat and in others only partially so and maybe in only certain areas of the total length. Remember, our own science is moving in this same gene manipulation direction although such results are still long off. Now think back to this particular main anomaly collection of structures. Note the junction point between where the two tubes join. Maybe that smooth shiny surface at the attachment point is actually the head of one of these organic constructs that came from dryer ground, found a tube that was still getting water, no need to grow further, attached to the other tube, and problem solved. Now that is weird but not more so than Mars itself. Of course this is speculation following one of a number of logical paths that may or may not be true. We can't know conclusively what these anomalies are yet, but it's still mighty interesting to try to use your reasoning on what imperfect information is available to you. Some may characterize this as flights of fancy, run-a-way imagination, or wild (heard this one before haven't I) speculation. However, such dismissal tactics say more about the originator's own fears than it does about the anomaly and its implications. If such preliminary reasoning is threatening to some, relax and take a break. We're just exploring possibilities. ADDITIONAL URLs OF INTEREST This is the official NASA/JPL MGS M04-00291 image strip at Malin's Malin Space Science Systems web site and is titled "MOC narrow-angle image M04-00291." The main anomaly discussed in this article is at the bottom left of the small image strip inside the big crack. Click in the second box below the image for the full size, best quality view but of course be patient as this big image is slow to load. This is the brown colorized version of the MGS M04-00291 image main anomaly area but expanded to include just a little more surrounding topography which will show the unusual crater discussed above. The brown brings out more significant land surface detail (better for viewing the crater) as well as slightly different view of the main anomaly structures. Also try and choose the brown view and you can also experiment with five other colorized views of the same image. If neither of those two work, try Jeffrey McCann's "Jeffrey's Mars Page" at Look around in the headings on the right and you'll quickly find what your looking for. This is here at Sightings titled "Mars - STRANGE Circular Structure Inside Crater." Here we see a highly anomalous perfectly round cylinder sitting down inside a crater. Clearly not geology and heavy with implications of intelligent life. You'd think you were looking at a giant fuel tank like we have on one our fuel depot facilities. But, it is not sourced to the official image strip for authenticity. Still a good view though. This shows two perfectly rectangular objects attached together, one smaller and one larger, down inside shallow well worn crater. The anomaly is small but if you will get down close to the screen and look closely, you see that detail is good and it is clearly an artificial construct and tall enough to cast a shadow. Unfortunately, it to is not sourced to the official image strip for authenticity. If the link above doesn't work, it can be found here at which is again Jeffery McCann's "Jeffrey's Mars Page." Again, thios is "Jeffrey's Mars Page." You can access the entire MGS M04-00291 image strip as well as various selected portional views out of the strip including the main anomaly area discussed here in this article.   Here you can also access the full MGS M0300102 image strip that shows in several places throughout the strip the tubes that appear closest to the ones discussed here in this article. They aren't as fully exposed but they are still exposed plenty well enough to readily identify them as the same structures as in our little MGS M04-00291 strip discussed in this article.



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