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Did Russia shot down secret sonic spy plane


In the past the USA secret Blackbird trans-sonic spy plane would fly right over extremely sensitive Russian installations seemingly daring Russia to shoot it down. NONE of Russia's anti-air defenses at that time were fast enough nor capable of enough advanced warning to successfully bring one down.

Now, ultra-high speed computers track and fire the Russian air-defense missiles which are fully capable of traveling to a near earth orbit altitude in mere micro-seconds after going thru a vast checklist beforehand then firing a intercept trajectory on the incoming missile, airplane, warhead or satellite.

In short, the newest S-400,S-500 and other advanced Russian air-defense battery's appear capable of detecting and knocking down the Aurora hyper-sonic USA spy plane. It wouldn't be abnormal for USA to send the Aurora over the North Korean nuclear test site and carry that mission over Russian nuclear weapons plants after it left the North Korean airspace.

The Russian military quickly closed in on the debris that came down and likely the only ones that know if what came down was a made in USA spy plane or not.



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