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Evidence to Connect Oswald to Kennedy Assasination Was Bogus

FBI Now Admits Evidence Used to Connect Oswald to Kennedy Assasination Was Bogus 


18 Dec. 18, 2007

The front page of the Sunday Washington Post features, "FBI Forensic Test Full of Holes."  It claims that hundreds of defendants sitting in prisons nationwide have been convicted with the help of an FBI forensic tool that has been found to be completely full of inconsistent results and has actually been discarded by the FBI for such reasons more than two years ago.  But the FBI lab has failed to take or attempt to alert any of the affected defendants or courts, even though the window for appealing convictions is closing.

As early as 1991, the FBI conducted studies on the reliability of the "bullet-lead" analysis used to connect bullets found at the scene of a crime to bullets in thepossession of a suspect.  The studies found that lead composition of bullets in the same box didn't always match, which should have been a sign that the test was completely unreliable.  Further analysis discovered that bullets packaged15 months apart in different areas of the country in different boxes, unexpectedly matched - a gap the forensic testing originally claimed had different bullet lead make-up.

The Innocence Project is a group of individuals who have committed their time and finances to investigate claims of innocence in convicted cases where DNA testing was never available.  To date, over 200 individuals have been set free due to the DNA analysis of many rape cases confirming that the child born from a rape victim's DNA didn't match the accused and convicted individual.  Hopefully, they will pick this flawed forensic test up and begin to look at the tens of thousands of people estimated to have been placed in prison solely on this bogus "bullet-lead analysis."

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The test, now confirmed by the FBI's own admittance, has actually been used to connect people to crimes they never committed.  The test was first initiated and used on July 8, 1964 by order of J Edgar Hoover for the Warren Commission to connect Lee Harvey Oswald to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy.  Throughout the following decades, this same test has been used to convict civil rights activists and gang members, many of which have maintained their "innocence."

The forensic test was the only major connection Oswald had to the actual scene of the crime.  For Kennedy assasination researchers, this is a big leap.  For years, the only evidence outside this forensic connection has been completely circumstantial.  Oswald never confessed to the murder and actually stated to the public that he believed he was being made a patsy.  Oswald was only picked up because an APB had been ordered in Dallas in his description, even though no one saw the shooter.

Oswald maintained that he had gone down to the parade to see the President's motorcade pass, as did everyone, when he was working that day.  A famous picture surfaced that many researchers believe identifies Oswald in the doorway of the School Book Depository as the motorcade passed and was not in the sixth-floor window as he was accused to have been.

The interrogation which took place for several hours was not recorded, a violation of standard operating procedure.  Oswald was murdered the next morning on live television while being transported in the parking garage at the local jail.  Jack Ruby, the man who shot Oswald, was a major mafia/CIA connected nightclub owner and hated Kennedy with a passion.  Kennedy's younger brother, Bobby Kennedy, was mounting a large scale war against organized crime, even though the Kennedy's had used the mafia in voter fraud crimes to get elected.  The Kennedy empire was built from bootleging alcohol in an organized crime syndicate that Joe Kennedy, John and Bobby's father, ran with connections to Al Capone.  Of the many odd factors in the assasination of the former president, it turns out Jack Ruby ran bootleging in Chicago for crime boss Al Capone in his early years as well.


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