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Iran builds phased array radar

19.12.2007 [

Iran Masters RADAR Technology

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Defense Ministry Saturday said it has launched production of a new generation of long and medium-range RADAR systems.

The hi-tech system has been designed and produced by SA-Iran Industries affiliated to the Defense Ministry.

SA-Iran, which has been studying the project for several years, said that the system is capable of tracing various types of flying objects and missiles to very high altitudes, helping the country's high-precision military devices to target flying objects at different altitudes.

The technological advancement was achieved following the success of Iranian experts in designing and manufacturing parts with fuzzy structures an area of hi-tech mastered by very few countries in the world.
note from Iranian-Shi'ite: "fuzzy structures" (aryahaye fazi) might be better translated as "phased array."

Following the said stride, Iran could accomplish a key chain of knowledge and is not capable of providing for all its needs to RADAR systems and devices.

fars news

In wave theory, a phased array is a group of antennas in which the relative phases of the respective signals feeding the antennas are varied in such a way that the effective radiation pattern of the array is reinforced in a desired direction and suppressed in undesired directions.



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