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China Joins Russia: Syria Strike Would Have Catastrophic Consequences

08/28/2013 12:28 -0400

Until now, the loudest and most material opponent to a Syrian invasion by the
"liberating" powers was Russia. Moments ago, China joined the anti-western axis.
BBC reports:
"Russia and China have stepped up their warnings against military
intervention in Syria, with Moscow saying any such action would have
"catastrophic consequences" for the region


Earlier, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague told the BBC an international
military response to the suspected use of chemical weapons would be possible
without the backing of the UN.

The UN Security Council is divided, with Russia and China opposing
military intervention and the UK and France warning that the UN could be
bypassed if there was "great humanitarian need".

In a column in The Times newspaper, former UK PM Tony Blair has written that
if the West does not intervene to support freedom and democracy in Egypt and
Syria, the Middle East will face catastrophe

Adding to the picture, Interfax
moments ago that representatives of Russia and China have withdrawn
from a UN Security Council session on Syria. And since both countries have UN
veto power, just like back in 2012 when this whole scenario was being replayed,
there can be not joint UN resolution.

Which means if the US wants an invasion, it will have to do it away from the
UN, further cementing the UN's role as the world's most irrelant organization.
Of course, it also means that the PR selling of such an invasion to a gullible
public will be just that much more difficult, and the TV spin machine will be
working on overtime.

Finally, just to make sure that should the Nobel Peace Prize winner begin a
war (without Congress or the UN of course) it would be of the "world" variety,
earlier today Japan promptly aligned itself with the insolvent west.

The axes are thus set once again: US, UK, Europe and Japan vs Russia and

Let the games begin.


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