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Trump Gives “F**k You” Signal To Coup Plotters

December 19, 2016

Trump Gives Incredible “F**k You” Signal To Coup Plotters Trying To Overthrow Him

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An absolutely incredible Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin this morning states that President-elect Donald Trump has given the Deep State coup plotters seeking to overthrow him one of the most unbelievable “fuck you” signals ever issued by an American leader when he had one of his senior officials named Corey Lewandowski where an American-Russian friendship flag pin while he was doing a nationwide interview—while at the exact same time Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta was saying that Trump was nothing more than Russia’s White House lap dog. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


Senior Trump aide Cory Lewandowski wearing American-Russian friendship flag pin during US nationwide television interview on 18 December 2016

According to this report, Lewandowski was President-elect Trump’s first campaign manager before being replaced by Kellyanne Conway, after which he worked as a political commentator for CNN and after Trump’s victory resigned to rejoin the new American president’s effort to “make America great again”.

Just 24 hours before the US Electoral College makes President-elect Trump’s victory official, however, this report continues, and while the United States is embroiled in a “classic CIA election coup” first described by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Tim Weiner in his seminal book Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA, Lewandowski made a nationwide appearance on the Fox News Network’s Media Buzz programme astonishingly wearing the historic American-Slavic friendship lapel pin.



While the tri-colour (red/white/blue) Flag of Russia has been used in the Motherland since 1696 [the sole exception being during communist ruled years 1917-1991], this report explains, the tri-colour (red/white/blue) Pan-Slavic Flag worn by Lewandowski is the symbol of solidarity worn by those mourning the Clinton regimes wholesale destruction of Yugoslavia in 1996 that enabled the US to establish military bases in Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia, and Croatia.

With the Foreign Ministry warning that the reckless accusations made by the Obama regime that Russia hacked the US elections are part of a Deep State coup unfolding against President-elect Trump, this report continues, Trump’s having his top aide wear this provocative American-Russia friendship flag pin can only be construed as nothing more than a gigantic “fuck you” against these coup plotters—and who are warned will seek his impeachment from the White House after his inauguration in January, or less dramatically, could result in Trump being allowed to stay in office, but under full control of the Deep State – the shadowy unelected forces of the military-intelligence apparatus that really govern the United States.



Top former British intelligence officer for MI5 and the UK Security Service Annie Machon, this report continues, has, likewise, warned about this Deep State coup against President-elect Trump stating that the CIA is fearful of retaliation if, against all their endeavors, Trump does indeed get sworn in as the 45th President of the USA on 20th January next year—and who grimly states: “This is why I fear an American coup d'etat, possibly starting as soon as 19th December, the date when the Electoral College meets to ratify the election of Trump.”

Standing with President-elect Trump against these Deep State coup plotters though, this report notes, is the incredible “team of bosses” he’s assembled around him to retake control of America and whose formidable attributes the Reuters News Service described as: “Trump's roster of agency heads and advisers conspicuously lacks intellectuals, lawyers, and academics of the sort sought by some past presidents. In their place are titans of business and finance from the likes of Exxon Mobil and Goldman Sachs and no fewer than three retired generals in key positions.”

To if President-elect Trump is being “fearless or foolish” in his giving this extraordinary “fuck you” to these CIA-led Deep State coup plotters, this report concludes, is too soon to answer—but with his having already destroyed the Obama regime, the Clinton regime, the Bush regime, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party too, who would ever bet against this man who in just 18 months has risen from being a billionaire reality television star to now becoming “the most powerful man in the universe


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