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John Lenard Walson - Part 1


The video compilation opens with some remarkable footage of an orb in an old underground tunnel. These two frames show a helicopter flying near a streetlight in an area where a ufo was videotaped by John Walson the night before.Video from the night before... an orb UFO above and many miles behind street lamp...Mr. Walson feels the orb is extremely high and may be in near space.
This is not lens flare...UFO goes behind street lamp....The orb UFO line of sight goes 'behind' the street lamp....Extreme zoom on orb UFOSee Full Lamp Post Video
Click hereHere is a comparison of Walson's orb UFO and one of the dozens of UFOs that swarmed the broken, detached Space Shuttle tether which snapped from Columbia's space arm on February 25, 1996. At the end of the tether was a near half-billon dollar satellite which was lost.  Shortly after the tether drifted away, it was visited by dozens of clear and obviously curious UFOs as shown in real time video by NASA. Rare freeze frame of orb UFO apparently viewed on edge...A different UFO? Two frames of a classically-shaped 'spinning top' UFOUFO flies in front of two WWII fighter planes at air show.UFO flies in front of two WWII fighter planes at air show in Goodwood, West Sussex on September 5, 2003 at the annual Goodwood Festival and Revival. Goodwood is located 60 miles from London. All images c.2003-2008 John Lenard Walson.
The disc continued to fly around in front of the amazed crowd putting on a show of its own...



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