Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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by Krassimir Ivandjiiski

Relax! This is the end of the beginning

       In the beginning of 2017 I wish to be able to cheer you up with more optimism, but unfortunately “the pessimistic calendar” is prevailing. And because of it I am not going to lie to you. 24 years ago I promised to try to change your point of view and make you start thinking in different way. My point was to encourage to see the other, hidden side of unrevealed matters, even if they were wrong.

       But the new 2017 is cloudy and misty. Nobody can predict what will happen, even those who think they are the people, who are pulling the strings in the shadows. That's because  the mess, they created on this Earth is so big, that even God would not be able to fix it - not in 7 days, not even in 7000.

       Everything is wrong – in politics, in geopolitics, in economics, in financial affairs and in the society. The tools of the existing system are exhausted and they need to be replaced by new. This replacement calls for revolutionary repatriation of word's contemporary order, which the powerful countries, especially US, don't like.

     But no matter what, the changes will take place.

       The US economy reached its high level and entered its strategical collapse, which, in the best case scenario, will be postponed for a few months. But what is the point of it if the collapse will be even stronger.

       I am talking about the entirely new worldwide order, not about “cosmetic” repair of the existing colonial or neocolonialist controlling tools, which are overdue long time ago.

   And that's why the current attempts for saving structures, which can't be saved, look like attempts for bringing back to life a rotting corps. Saving the system is impossible. Right now, humanity is in exceptionally serious crisis.

       At first glance the circumstances look like second edition of the Great Depression in the 30-ties of the 20th century. But the situation now is even worse, because the current crisis brings not only economical, but global worldwide essence as well. Every single element of the events we are witnessing every day, can be explained with some economical theories. But brought together they make unusual picture from another reality.tyhe

       The famous globalization turned into a bad joke not only for its creators – USA and EU, but it affected the entire mankind. Now, during the Second Great Depression, all positive parts of it turned into adverse circumstances, which are destroying the financial system in being.

       Nobody was able to predict the geopolitical consequences, because USA and EU made everything they could to merge the Atlantic geopolitical tendencies with the Liberal model of economy. But this marriage is destroying the essence of the existing for several centuries liberal structure.

       The humanity become a hostage in this insane situation, which provokes and multiply conflicts and leads to the establishment of several worldwide centers.

       The first one probably will be English-American, the second – European, the third – Chinese, the forth – South American, the fifth – Russian, the sixth – the Islamic. And so on.

       That is why the only chance USA have in order to keep their part as the main world's warden is to block that development of events and cut off the process of forming the economical, infrastructural and political integration in the huge territory of Eurasia as soon as possible.

       In 2017 the crisis will increase from the growing influence of different factors and as it goes the USA will become the epicenter of it.

       Drowning in the chaos of the last years, the mankind didn't understand what's going on, no matter that the signs of the end of the liberal commerce capitalism were epochal and colossal. And that affected the whole world as we know it for 200 years. That's the beginning of the crash in the west capitalistic civilization. That's the end of the American Age, which instead of lasting 100 years, lasted exactly one – until 11.09.2001. After that it turned into agony.

   And this is the beginning of the real postamerican 21st century, which will have totally different guidelines. This is the beginning of the First Global Great Depression, the end of the “new world order” and the beginning of the new, unknown yet world, which will build up and grow during XXI century. Or, at least, in the next 50-60 years.

       The power clash оn the eve of the new global blast is basically clear. Because of those circumstances, the West project elite is in a position, known as Zungzwang – the situation when every single move lowers the chances of win.

   Most likely, until 2020, the currant leaders of our contemporary world will be judged by the “History Court”. That means that we will go through the version of the Hell in 1929-1945.

       A new order and totally different reality will take place. It will not be based on the old rules. And I am not talking about the transition from a single to a multiple world, because the first one doesn't have a chance to appear at all. I am talking about the new civilizing model, or as it called – paradigm, which will, most likely, find its place outside the “Socialism-Capitalism” conflict . That will be something new, unknown and unexplored.

       The world is on the doorsteps of the new techno-commercial and social-cultural system. Its foundation will be the new technologies, overgrowing the recent ones by hundred times, the new discoveries in fundamental science and their employment in different fields of human activity.

       But the dead of the old reign and the birth of the new one always brings wars and chaos.

   What will come after the capitalism and what will be the price the new world will pay? Nobody knows. The matrix fell apart in all schemes: Capitalism-Socialism, East- West, North-South. But some conclusions can be made already.

       The key problem of our world is the total unfit of the so called elites and the lack of any kind of future project of development.

       For example – just with one trillion dollars you can build 20 huge factories with 2 million working places and build up a city with 10 million inhabitants. In this moment, the US debt is more than 100 trillion dollars. That means that 2000 new factories with 200 million working places and new cities for 1 billion people. That means a new world made from the scratch.

       And how many trillions were thrown out during the last 100 years for weapons, wars and terrorism. With those money, we could colonize the entire Solar System.

       But in the moment, there are over 3 billion people on Earth, who live with less than 2,5 dollars daily:

    • more than 1,3 billion who live with less than 1,25 dollars per day;
    • 805 million people don't eat every day;
    • 750 million don't have access to a drinking water;
    • 1,6 billion live without electricity;
    • 0,7 % of the entire population are controlling 116,6 trillion dollars, which can be used for the causes I mentioned above.
    • And how this schizophrenic scheme will survive! No way.

       That's why they blame Putin, Xi or Assad. But they can not defeat them. Because the “worldwide elite” or, to be more precise, “the global mafia” failed in its another historical attempt to create its rules the way they wanted. And Putin, Xi or Fidel , just got the wave and drifted through.

       This is not the end. This is not even the “beginning of the end”. This is the end of the beginning.

   Well, at least something optimistic.  

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