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Krassimir Ivandjiiski

The Supreme Russian Weapons: Sarmat, Cirkon and Status 6


          Even the biggest experts in arms' industry didn't notice the latest and the most important changes in that field of the hidden race between Russia and USA.

          Those unnoticed events could be described in the following manner: Russia not only recouped the strategic balance with US, but managed to create entirely new weapons-  “Sarmat”, “Cirkon” and “Status – 6” , which give  Russia supremacy in the three basic military fields – Space, Air and Water.

          Let's start with the new strategic hypersonic missile  “Sarmat”, and  president's Putin  recent visit to the State's Rocket Center“Makeev” in Chelyabinsk district. This region is known as a manufacturer of intercontinental ballistic missiles  of fifth generation РС-28 “Sarmat”.

   In the end of September 2016, the hypersonic warheads of “Sarmat”

/izdelie 4202 or U-71/ stroke the  designation  target on Kura Peninsula.

          “Sarmat” can reach suborbital trajectory and strike the target through the open Space. That means  not only straight, but  roundabout attacks against USA from the Space are possible through the North or South Poles.

          The trajectory is set to avoid the regions   covered by the US  Missile Defence System /MDS/ This is possible because of the use of more  effective motion system in the first and second stages of the missile, and the   accelerated last section.

          The warheads have high manoeuvrings capability, with  precise accuracy . Now they have only 5 to 10 meters diversion in aiming at the  target. This is giving the opportunity for using them as nuclear and kinetic warheads which can destroy enemy's objects with  extensive amount of energy. 

           By the 2020, the missile will be armed with hypersonic warheads, which now are known by their code name “izdelie  4202”. The  tests  began in 2010. Their speed is within the limits of 17 to 22 M. The warhead will be able to accomplish longer hypersonic flies into the atmosphere, maneuvering in vertical and horizontal directions . 

 “Sarmat” will weight less than 110 tons and it will carry several nuclear war heads with independent traectories.

         The warheads will be  invulnerable for the MDS, which USA are placing all along the Russian's borders and those which will be placed in future. Not a single MDS -missile r is able to intercept  warheads of Sarmat , which are flying in individual  ballistic curves and  suddenly switch into supersonic or even hypersonic speed adhering to the land's relief and maneuvering by thedirection and the height. To destroy such warhead is impossible. The flying  distance of “Sarmat” will be over 11 000 kilometers.

          Since this missile will not fly in typical ballistic, but in lower trajectory, the time for reaching  the target will be shorter.

 The hypersonic maneuvering war head will fly in the atmosphere longer and that will increase its combat usage.

   But the main priority of the new  “Sarmat's” block, (4202 or in US as U-71) is that it's is under control during the entire flight. If this is true and if the Russians succeeded in solving this  complicated problem of distant control of the warheads, flying through the atmosphere in plasma cloud with colossal speed, the accuracy of its impact could be compared with the accuracy of GPS or GLONASS  – within few meters.  

         With that  accuracy, there is no need of nuclear or even ordinary warhead. The block could be simply kinetic , without any explosive inside. If this head weights approximately one ton, “Sarmat” will be able to hold up to 10 tons useful load. Considering the colossal speed with which the warhead will hit the Earth, the aftermath will be equal to the blast of hundred tones of trotyl. And that will destroy any target on the ground or underground, sheltered by many metres of reinforced concrete.

          That means that with  “Sarmat” , Moscow, even without the usage of the nuclear warheads , will get a unique opportunity of global first strike, i.e. to destroy Earth's any possible target  within 30-40 minutes.

           Meanwhile,  the name of the  hypersonic cruise missile  “Cirkon” came around. It  will be part of the arms of cruisers “Peter The Great” and “Admiral Nahimov”.

          Improved cruisers will be able to fire not only “Cirkon”, but “Onix” and “Caliber” as well. At the moment, the speed of those two is twice  than of the sound. But the most important is that with  “Cirkon” Russia will be able to cover worldwide ocean, while American aircraft-carriers will stay in harbors, and  even there are not going to be in save.

         But with what exactly ithe “Cirkon” is different from the  mentioned ballistic hypersonic missile warhead , known as 4202.

          First l, “Cirkon”, comparing to 4202, is able to complete the entire flight in the Earth's atmosphere,  under “the Karman's” line – the conventional borderline between the Earth's atmosphere and the open Space.

          Second , if the 4202 is a strategic system which is able to strike targets from thousands kilometers, “Cirkon” is a missile targeting war ships and is  improved version of the “Bazalt- Granit- Onix” missiles. It destroys targets on water or earth in 300 to 400 kilometers.

           “Cirkon” not only has to reach the certain location, but has to detect the target  to avoid  the enemy's MDS and radar's interference, and to destroy the target.

          That means that Russian engineers have successfully solved at least three complicated tasks : 

-they have found the way to overcome the damages of rocket's fuselage which appear after overheating from air resistance;

-they have found the way to neutralize the plasma cloud, which appears around this fast moving object and that leads to losing control over the missile ;

-they have managed to create a special fuel for the hypersonic rockets, known as Decilyn – M.

  In the beginning of December 2016 came the  of the newest and probably the scarier weapon – a gigantic torpedo with thermonuclear warhead with chilling power -”Status -6”.  

    ”Status” is another innovative torpedo, which can reach a speed up to 90 knots in 1000 meters depth. The distanse  is 10 000 kilometers and the size  is 6,5 meters with up to 100 megatons filler.

  If this torpedo reaches the US coast, it will create a gigantic tsunami, which will destroy all coastal states altogether with the military bases, airports and military factories.    According to US sources  the test took place on November 27th when ”Status -6”  was fire from the special submarine B-90-Sarov

 ”Status -6” is onother of the Russia's response to MDS of the USA .           Checkmate. 

  Until 2020, besides other new weapons such as jet-fighters of fifth generation, the new tanks of “Armata” and the new nukes  Russia will also have hypersonic strategical missile  “Sarmat”, the hypersonic cruise missile  “Cirkon” and the torpedo ”Status -6” .


Photo 1

Putin visits “Mekeev”


Photo 2

“Sarmat” is already in use


Photo 3

“Status – 6” is capable of destroying the entire US coast

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