Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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Krassimir Ivandjiiski

Hunting the idiots: Idiot is not an offence. It is diagnosis.


Krassimir Ivandjiiski

Published 6 December 2016


As the hysterical   US  “fake news”  narrative grows,  my name  is/was  mentioned   in the  context of  “ man of KGB- propaganda ” in some US sites, blogs, twitters rumored to be connected to the neocons,  Soros, Rand , Mossad etc.

That needs some short explanations for the sponsors of  the real fake news:

-I have nothing to do with the KGB.  It was closed  in 1991, 27 years ago. Many of its "nachalniks”- bosses, went to serve the new Russian oligarchs - often in the US, the CIA as well

- and before that - 1985-1991 during the perestoika - I had nothing to do  with the  KGB and the...CIA, which were in fact  one Agency -with Eastern and Western departments, under the control of Mossad and MI-6.

 - I was the first analyst who revealed the KGB - CIA coups in Europe during 1989 - 1991, and their role in the establishing of liberal capitalism in Russia and its colonization by the globalization.

For those  and several other reasons I was not /am not / "their man", whatever that means. On the contrary. 

I have two options.

First- to bring to court  those sites  for defamation, meaning that I was so stupid to work for  the KGB /or the CIA/ for free.

Second- to bring to court  those sites, twitters to show  , as they say, that I was working for the KGB /or the CIA/ in order to claim the money from those agencies.

In both cases the idiot loses.

Idiot is not an offence or insult. It is  diagnosis.





P.S. Regarding the emerging at these sites  "sensational revelations" about  my connections with the financial portal Zero Hedge /, one of my companies is the registrant of the domain name  /the Registrant of this domain is subject to European General Data protection/. They did not have money -30$ ,for the registration. That is all.





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