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Russia Sends New Marine Ship To Syria

09/06/2013 10:47 -0400

By now even a 5 year old gets what is going on and that Russia will simply
not back down. So why can't the US president?

From Reuters:

Russia is sending the naval landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov to the
eastern Mediterranean, state news agency Interfax said on Friday, reinforcing
its presence near Syria.


Russia, an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, says its vessels in the
eastern Mediterranean guarantee security as the United States considers
launching military strikes to punish Damascus for its alleged use of chemical


"The vessel will dock in Novorossiysk where it will take special cargo on
board and head to the designated area of military service in the eastern
Mediterranean," Interfax quoted an unnamed navy source as saying.


It gave no more details and Russia's Defense Ministry declined immediate


Nikolai Filchenkov was not among vessels that the ministry said last
month would enter the Mediterranean as part of a planned

The ship itself:

This is the third naval "landing" ship Russia has sent to Syria, following
the previously
reported dispatch
of the Novocherkassk (150 marines on board) and Minsk (225
marines). According to the website of the Russian
Black Sea fleet,
the Filchenkov can carry 300 troops + 1,700 tons including
about 20 tanks and various trucks or 40 AFV's.

And as a reminder from yesterday,
one can likely cross from Cyprus to Syria by stepping on ship hulls and not
getting wet.


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