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by Krassimir Ivandjiiski



       Full of surprises was the 45th round of the fight between the most powerful world clans for the White House.

     But the mega-surprise was Trump's inauguration speech. “You are fired” he said to the “establishment”.

       In fact Trump's victory only confirmed the deadlock of US real situation, including its colossal debt. If this balloon blows, the Great Depression from the 30-s would look like a child's play compared to the upcoming nightmare.

       USA got out from reality a long time ago.

       Now, Trump has two options – to destroy the аmerican system, or to try to rebuild “American greatness” through new isolationism and protective nationalism, risking to lose /temporarily/ US global leadership.

       But the problem is not Trump or the US. The problem is the very system. Trump has to eliminate system's tentacles i.e. the globalists, neo-liberals, neo-conservatives and the politicians, who serve not the American people, but the “establishment”.

   The war Trump has declared is more dangerous for him than a war with Russia or China.

       The pointed by him groups can not exist outside the system. They are the military complex, the transnational corporations, the banks led by the US Federal Reserve, the special services, NATO and the globalism's political servants.

       Nobody knows if Trump will succeed. He declared that he wants to give the control back to the people. 

       Trump's slogan “Let's make America Great again” was a cliché. But any way he had to start from somewhere and chose the first sentence of the American Constitution -“ We the people”.

       Trump's approach on international affairs was quite sharp before he stepped into the White House:

       - he promised to take down the sanctions against Russia if Kremlin is willing to make new reductions in strategic intercontinental missiles - no matter that between those issues there is no connection. The sanctions were introduced because of Crimea, and Putin restored the nuclear strategic parity after George W. Bush's left the MDS agreement from 1972.  

       - he promised to transfer the “big game” in Asia, and as the new Secretary of State Tillerson declared, China has to step back from the South-China sea islands. Trump wants to bring the American industries back from China to US , and to brake the Eurasian union between Russia, China and Iran , etc.

       - He called NATO an outdated structure that brought panic among american vassals in Europe.

       - He blamed Chancellor Merkel for her refugee policy and declared a war to german automobile industry in favor of american manufacturers in Detroit.

      - He freezed the Transatlantic-TTIP, and the Transpacific-TPP, agreements because USA can not fill them with profit.

       So, the main question is if there is a leverage between the intentions and the resources. The answer is No, because the lack of human, industrial, financial and military resources.  That's the inheritance Trump got from the neo-liberals, neo-conservatives, neo-bandits etc...  

       USA is a bankrupt nation, drowning deeper into unplayable debts. All countries and “partners” are on hurry to get rid of the dollars and US bonds. Nobody is willing to help, because everybody is in the same pot. The global debt is 230 trillion dollars, that is 325% of the gross world product .

       The published here graphic is showing the scale of the US problems. The real american economy is only 30% of the declared GDP. The rest 70% are various parasitic structures and groups –the Global parasite. In order to adapt, US have to lower by 60% the living standards of the americans that will have unpredictable consequences- new rervolution or civil war.  

       The mentioned map of the world's billionaires - is representative and is showing the richest people in the world by countries and origin of their wealth. 

  The countries are presented by the shares and the origin of the billiards in colors:

             - Green color – founders of companies, real production. Those are people who build up their real business and deserve their wealth.

       - Red color - hereditary parasites. Heirs of multimillion fortunes .

       - Blue color – the managers. Hired people, who run the rich people's business. The servants of the worldwide mafia.

       - Orange color – billionaires who got rich from the government's corrupted system, the mafia which overtook the state structures

       - Yellow color – the so called banksters. The professional financial specialists, whose goal is to rip off people's money.  

       The map shows that in the US there are only 31,2% real billionaires /real GNP/. The rest are parasites and mafia structures.

       The first place in parasitism and ”managing “other people's wealth belongs to Great Britain.

       In Germany the percentage of “greens” - people who build their business using different opportunities, is 25,9. The rest are parasite structures.

       In France the “greens” are 37,2 %, in Holland – around 34, in Brazil - 21,5 etc.

       In Russia the “greens” are only 10,8 %. This is because the reforms after 1990 brought the quasi capitalist society.

       Special attention deserve the countries in Asia, especially China, where the “green’’ color of the real economy is the biggest compared to other countries.

China became # 1 manufacturer on Earth and the most powerful economic country.

       USA are in the whirlpool of the liberal globalization. If Trump wants to make “America Great again” he has to deal with the system. The enemy is strong, the means are limited, such as the time.  

       Nobody can say if Trump knows that he is a hostage of the system and of those, who behind the stage had chosen him.

            A very большой theater is coming next to you.   

. This is the same, but in Chinese. Just in case



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