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Military Helping In Fake Moon

Military Helping In Fake Moon Walk Rehearsal And The Mystery Ladder


A video from the website has been around for some time now. But it seems no one has taken a closer look at this video. We will here. The thirty four second video clip shows an astronaut on the Lunar Lander ladder about to take his historic first step. Moments after he steps onto the fake lunar surface, a light bar comes crashing down. [1] But WHO is actually working on this production? WHY DID THE MOON BROADCAST APPEAR AS GRAINY VIDEO? First, according to NASA engineers a slow-scan camera was specially designed to work within the existing radio channel bandwidth, and to operate within a given power budget. However, according to at least one NASA engineer who worked on the camera design that a slow scan to NTSC converter was not available for the real moonwalk. (NTSC is the over­the-air broadcast standard still in use today throughout America as of this writing.) NASA has claimed that they simply pointed a broadcast studio camera at a monitor, hence the grainy pictures. This also appears to be the case in the rehearsal video. [1] (This video is a permanent link down on the left side of the homepage.) EVIDENCE OF MILITARY ASSISTANCE The various branches of the service have both dress uniforms and work uniforms. The top half of a common work uniform consists of a dress shirt (for the army, it's light green) with rank insignias on the sleeves and a necktie. In the following video clips, I attempted to use frames where the stage crew members were standing relatively still to minimize video artifacts. The following stills are not enhanced in any way except for graphic notation added for clarity. Sharpening any image will create additional artifacts which will further confuse the issue and was not performed on any of these images for that reason. Still Frame 1 near beginning of video. White arrow points to edge of elevated stage((Above) Still frame 2- In this frame of the video moments after the light bar crashes we see a man who rushed in to assist the astronaut/ actor. It is difficult to make out his rank or service here. (Fallen light bar can be seen at the rear of the image, just over the shoulder of this man bending forward slightly.)Still frame 3 - Another man who rushed onto the set to provide assistance appears to have an arm patch. This also appears to have an insignia which might be possibly a tech sergeant or higher rank. Since the shirt appears to reflect about the same amount of light as the astronaut's white spacesuit the shirt is probably either white or light green, and not dark blue.
.Still frame 4 - in this last frame near the end of the video clip, we can make out a shoulder insignia and other possibly bars or an insignia on his sleeve, possibly a flag. Moments later in the video, this man gives the astronaut assistance to get back up the ladder to reset the scene for another take. Orange arrow pointing at the simple tubular ladder which will be referred to later.What's also interesting about this video is that during this entire rehearsal disaster, not one man who ran in to assist the astronaut/ actor ever turned his face toward the camera. None of them ever looked back in that direction, which anyone would certainly do when taking instructions from the director who usually sits beside the camera. If this entire video is a fake, it's an extremely well made fake. Including the authentic spacesuit the actor playing the astronaut wears. And down to the tiniest detail, including a barely audible "Cut!" yelled by a director off-camera moments later after the light bar came crashing down. NASA REHEARSALS MUST BE CONSIDERED All of this is further complicated by the fact that EVERY detail of each NASA space mission is meticulously planned and rehearsed, even today. Today, underwater space walks in huge NASA pools are used to simulate neutral buoyancy for space walks. After the light bar comes crashing down, we can see the "Lunar surface" is perhaps a 20ft. square on an elevated stage. In another part of the video (not shown here) a stage crew member rushes over to examine the light bar that fell. The elevated stage is about waist high on him, putting it about three feet above the actual floor. This is a common technique used to place the action at the level of the camera lens. Broadcast cameras of that era were mounted on massive, tall pedestals. UNANSWERED QUESTIONS But if this is a legitimate rehearsal, why did NASA do it using slow scan television? Why are the stage crew members never showing their face? Was this rehearsal performed to see how the historic first moon walk will appear to the world on television, when the astronaut jumps steps off the ladder? There may also be a "peter-pan rig" with steel wires attached to the astronaut/actor, but because of the poor resolution we cannot reliably see it. Most likely there is such a rig overhead, since he drops to the fake lunar surface in slow-motion, yet the stage crew rushes in at normal speed. This is also a clue. If this scrapped footage escaped the cutting room floor, why wasn't simply erased for re-use or thrown away in the trash? Why was this footage kept, who kept it and how did it survive for 38 years? If this was originally videotape material, professional studio decks that can record/play this tape are only found in museums. Who transferred it to another medium, what medium was it and when was that done? Why did someone wait for some many years before making it public? All these questions need to be answered so that the chain of evidence will have integrity. This rehearsal required a large crew of people and a substantial budget. Only a small portion of the production crew was visible in this video. Keep in mind that the Lunar Lander for the first moon landing could not land where NASA planned it to, because of massive boulders seen at the landing site by the Lunar module commander at the last minute during descent.
MYSTERY LADDER Still frame from actual television broadcast of historic moonwalk in 1969. [2] I personally saw it live in 1969, and there wasn't any NASA video text at the bottom of the image. The event was broadcast live as shown above.WHITE arrow: Normal video blanking bar created by television receiver which was used for this photograph (NTSC video) BLUE arrow: Flip-down panel on the side of the Lunar Lander which holds the video camera that took this image. Astronaut removed the camera later from this stowed position during a moonwalk RED arrow: Could this be the edge of the stage seen during rehearsal takes, or is it the real edge of the shadow of the Lunar Lander actually on the Moon? More on this later. ORANGE arrow - This ladder which is supposedly the one world saw during the historic first moonwalk, is a DIFFERENT ladder than the one shown in the rehearsal (Frame 3, also note orange arrow added to Frame 3.). The ladder in this image looks very similar to a household outdoor extension ladder, and it is attached to the lander's strut. Rectangular vertical supports for this ladder with which the rungs are welded to or pressed into, are substantially wider and thicker than the TUBULAR ladder shown in Frame 3. Again, the ladder in frame 3 is clearly a made of welded tubes and not extruded aluminum. Fine black bars visible in this image which run diagonally across the image are the probably result of an aliasing frequency created by the difference between the NTSC horizontal frame rate and the far slower scan rate from the Lander's special slow-scan camera. If the video in question (shown in still frames 1 through 3 in this essay) is merely a rehearsal, why would NASA use a DIFFERENT LADDER for such an important rehearsal? They would not do so, especially since the ladder is a key functional part of this historic moment. Ladder differences aside, the actual broadcast footage which the world saw shows the same edge of the stage (red arrow) at the same angle as Still Frame 1 (white arrow.) The only way to put this entire matter to rest will be to obtain legitimate documents and testimony from participants. Perhaps documentation still exists for this rehearsal. The real challenge will be to verify any new evidence which shows that the rehearsal footage is a fake. But everything considered, these still photo comparisons appear to verify it is true:
Side by side comparison of live broadcast video (left) and rehearsal video (still frame 1, right) Note that the text "LIVE FROM SPACE..." is part of the rehearsal footage, not the aired footage. The actual aired footage (left image above) did not show this. [3]More important is that the stage (Lunar surface) appears at exactly the same angle with respect to the ladder angle. Some small differences in the two spacesuits are also visible here. Is this the smoking gun?


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