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Krassimir Ivandjiiski


          As matter of fact, the new 2017 started in the last days of 2016. To be more precise, it started with the attack in Berlin, the assassination of the Russian Ambassador, the shooting in Zurich's mosque, etc. They happened in the same day.  

       The following days the attacks, the shooting and the dead body-count were precursor to what's going to happen in 2017, starting with the resumption of the civil war in Ukraine

       In the same time, the new president of the United States – Donald Trump, in his own chaos of ideas and intentions , verbally attacked China, Russia, NATO and Germany telling them what to do long before he entered to the White House.

       Chaos and conflicts will accompany us in 2017. It will be a miracle if that doesn't happen because the world is a total chaos , bigger than the 30-ties of the last century, on the eve of the WWII.

       There are many worldwide fire-nests and ignition points , which can lead to extended cascade crisis. The globalization led to dozens military conflicts and global debt of trillion dollars.

       Nobody knows what is going to happen in 2017.

The existing world is falling apart. USA are not the “chosen ones” anymore.

Russia got its strategic parity back with advantage in the strategic nuclear weapons.

China continues to build the New Silk Road to Europe to compensate the US markets.

Europe is not the old stable area anymore.

NATO took over Poland, Baltic States and Balkans.

The Middle East is chaotic.

       USA enters into a new transitional stage. Some called it US -Perestroika. There could be attempts for coup d'etat, organized by the “deep state”.

       2017 will be turning point to all leading geopolitical players – USA, China, EU, Russia, Iran, Turkey.

   There will be a change of the balance between the leading geopolitical unions – the West (G-7 and NATO) and the East ( BRICS and SCO) 

        Before Trump's election, the globalism was escalating the war between the American version of the New world order and Russia, supported by West Europe, but without China's involvement.

But Trump now imposes a different approach. Because of this turn, the main geopolitical players will be forced to change their international political strategy, build up new political positions and choose their new partners and rivals.

           In US this transition stage should lead to internal transformation of a new economy, build not upon the existing trans-humanism, the colossal debt and the banker's balloons, but upon “post-conservative” tools, in order to transfer the capitalist economy into post-capitalistic.

       This new twist in USA is not supported by the parasitic governmental groups, the banks and the stay-behind structures. That means that USA is about to enter into “cold civil war”, which could turn into a hot one.      

       Trump's options are limited. He can provoke China, but he knows well that besides the nuclear weapons, China has another “lethal weapon of mass-destruction” - US governmental bounds for one trillion dollars. If Beijing decides to throw them to the international market, the FED will be destroyed.

China is already # 1 and trade war with America could turn into a WWIII. In 1914 a lot of people thought that the war is just local, but it turned into WWI. The same happened in 1939 -with WWII.

       Now America is targeting China, but the situation is different. That is new reality for Washington.

       The war in Syria, started by US and Israel, sent a wave of refugees in Europe. Which is in chaos and fiasco. America lost the war in Syria. Russia can ignore USA and choose Turkey and Iran to negotiate the end of the war. For the first time after the WWII, US is absent in resolving the conflict they provoked.

       Only for a decade, Russia became again one of the most influential countries. It is true that its power can't be compared with the power of the USSR. Kremlin has multiple economic problems in Ukraine, Central Asia, the Baltic States and Caucas, but the fact is that, at the moment, russian military is the most powerful. At the same time Russia rejected US ideological system and became again worldwide alternative.

       The alliance between Russia and China is unique. In fact, Russia depends on China's goods and merchandising and China depends on Russia technologies, gas, oil, space. That is something new. Never before two empires /former/ have agreed to integrate and stay independent in the same time. That's why Trump will try to instigate Russia and China against each other. Which is naïve.

       For the first time after the WWII, american president will have to admit that in the Russia- China- USA triangle, the US is the weakest link.












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