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Trump wants Zionist Kapo to Control All US Security and Intel


By Ian Greenhalgh on February 16, 2017

Mercenary backer of ISIS and al Qaeda to oversee US security, cut out CIA and Congress


[Editor’s note:  In response to being defacto stripped of his security clearances by all US agencies for leaks, lies, gaffs and openly handing vital intelligence to Russia (really Israel), President Trump has decided to outsource all foreign and domestic intelligence to a PMC (Private Military Contractor), long disgraced DynCorp and its owner, Stephen A. Feinberg.

Trump is officially ending all Congressional oversight of security and intelligence functions, in a hastily concocted ploy by alt-right extremist Steve Bannon, which sets up an unaccountable police state that even the courts won’t be able to challenge.

This cuts out not only all congressional oversight but, in reality, turns not only America’s vast intelligence resources but domestic security as well to a manager of not only a mercenary army but a massive collection of interlocking offshore corporations as well, whose aims differ greatly from that of the United States.

Stephen A. Feinberg owns Dyncorp, a private military company that has a sordid record to equal, perhaps even outdo the infamous Blackwater. Dyncorp is the contractor of choice for Saudi Arabia’s covert support of Al-Qaeda in Yemen and their open support of Al-Qaeda under the guises of Al-Nusra and Al-Sham in Syria . In short, they are the people who supply and support IS.

Torture, human trafficking, illegal renditions, narcotics trafficking, any and all CIA rogue operations, these are DynCorp’s stock-in-trade. They are running the training camps in Jordan where the recruits for the mercenary hoards are trained using CIA and Saudi funds and resources. There are five such camps in Jordan, as well as an airbase for a fleet of US F-16s along with a number of unmarked helicopters and C-130 cargo aircraft that have repeatedly dropped supplies to IS inside Iraq and have attacked Iraqi forces closing in on IS; they have also evacuated key IS personnel including Saudi, Qatari and Israeli officers who were serving with IS.

Trump already has one owner of a private military company in his team in the shape of Blackwater’s Betsy DeVos, adding another in Feinberg is just emphasising how utterly corrupt and criminal the Trump regime really is and makes it pretty clear that whatever plans Trump has regarding the Middle East, they will involve more of the same murderous terrorism that we have seen ever since IS first appeared.

On the home front, Feinberg, a dual US-Israeli citizen will be overseeing all domestic intelligence and surveillance operations, which means he will be channeling all US intelligence efforts  though Israel to be filtered before being passed to Steve Bannon, a paid Israeli agent of longstanding. 

This is why Gen. Flynn had to go – he opposed this treachery that would sell out the US to Israel and furthermore, he failed to support the main reason for Bibi’s visit to hobnob with Trump, which is to garner support for Israel’s planned invasion of Lebanon. Ian]

Times of Israel
Trump wants Jewish billionaire to vet spy agencies

Amid an ongoing tussle with spy agencies over leaks regarding contacts with Russia, US President Donald Trump is reportedly looking into tapping a Jewish billionaire from the world of finance to lead a broad review of intelligence services.

Stephen A. Feinberg, who already sits on Trump’s economic advisory council and has no experience of national security issues — beyond the fact that his firm is invested in two gun companies and a private security firm — is expected to be appointed to lead the audit of the intelligence agencies, the New York Times reported Thursday, citing administration officials.

Cerberus Capital Management informed investors earlier this month that Feinberg, its founder, had held talks with Trump transition team officials about a “senior role.”

Feinberg is close to the president’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon and his son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner.

Bannon and Kushner once considered him for director of national intelligence or chief of the Central Intelligence Agency’s clandestine service, intelligence officials and Republican lawmakers told the paper.

Trump on Wednesday lashed out at the intelligence community on Twitter and during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claiming that it was spy agencies’ “illegal” leaks that had brought down his former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Flynn resigned Tuesday following reports that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russian officials.

In a sign of growing acrimony between Trump and the spy agencies, on Wednesday the CIA sent a clear message to Trump by denying security clearance to Robin Townley, a Trump appointee to the National Security Council without any suggestion of disloyalty, the Washington Times reported.

Trump in January had compared intelligence agencies to Nazis over reports of a leaked dossier which claimed he was being blackmailed by the Kremlin. The president later said any discord had been fabricated by the media.

Top intelligence officials fear that Feinberg’s appointment is a stepping stone into a senior position in one of the intelligence agencies.

The appointment of a Trump political appointee to sensitive positions usually reserved for career intelligence officers is seen as something that could compromise both the professionalism and the independence of the intelligence services at a time when relations between them and the White House are strained.

Officials told the New York Times that Senator Dan Coats, in line for confirmation as director of national intelligence, is furious at what he sees as Bannon and Kushner moving the goalposts before he has entered the game by bringing Feinberg in.

Were Feinberg, who avoids the media limelight, to accept a senior role within the administration, he would — according to the firm’s letter to investors — have to go public about his finances.

The New York Times said this could bring more “uncomfortable scrutiny” upon his investment company, because of its involvement with the Remington gun maker, which produced the rifle used in the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012.

Neither Feinberg nor the White House would comment for the New York Times.


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