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US & Turkey Commit Deception, Subterfuge and Betrayal in Syria


By Ian Greenhalgh on February 24, 2017

We are deeply suspicious of America’s role in Iraq and Syria and utterly suspicious of Turkey as well. Back in October, 2016, we caught the US moving a major force 30 miles West of Tal Afar in Syria, where ISIS would flee to if pressed too hard in Mosul. Then yesterday Iraq accused the US of evacuating ISIS commanders, which included we are told, Israeli intelligence and war planning teams, from Tal Afar.

America denies having any troops in the region, despite the fact that VT found them in October 2016, only a few miles away and have every reason to believe the US took Tal Afar soon after in order to make sure vital assets with ISIS were able to escape and protect the Israeli/Saudi/American/Turkish subterfuge.

This is where the American base in Sinjar was, courtesy of Google Earth:

We reported back in October of last year that Al-Bab had fallen to the Turks. Four months later, it has finally fallen, or rather, ISIS left and let the Turks waltz in unopposed. Not only did ISIS let the Turks in, they left on Turkish army lorries, all 950 of them and they headed straight north to Turkey where they probably shaved their beards and put on the Turkish uniforms they shed when they became ISIS a couple of years ago.

VT was there, watching them leave and watching those who stayed, the “freedom fighters” who chased them out, the same people who had been there all along as ISIS, just cleaned up a bit.

Yes, as we have long suspected, at least a significant proportion of the ISIS fighters in northern Syria are nothing more than the Turkish Army in disguise.




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