Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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Krassimir Ivandjiiski


    „The American spring” or the hopes with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, lasted exactly one month. Even less. 

After that, the reshuffle of the new players and decors, showed that Trump comes from the same “stable“ and the same status quo.  

  I would remind that Trump's election was connected with big hopes, such as:

   -the making “America Great again”;

   -the revival of the American industry and opening millions new working places;

   - new sober policy with Russia, China and Iran;

   -the solution of the Middle-East wars, which has to be considered with United Nation's resolutions about Israel and its politics toward Palestine, the illegal settlements, the annexation of Golan etc.;   

   -that Тrump represents that particular part of the capitalist's class, which is against the global financial oligarchs

   -that he will be oriented toward the real economy, not toward the globalization of financial-speculative capital;  

   -that he will audit the US Federal Reserve System, which will give a chance to r 300 million Americans to get out of the new-slavery matrix;   

   -that he will take measures against the neoliberal counter-revolution.

   In one word Trump was described as “out of the system” player. I was one of the analysts, who warned that this is “wishful thinking”, that Trump is a player in the “stable” of Bush-senior , Cheney and the Zionists, who chose him in the last 5 minutes, instead of Hillary Clinton, for personal reasons.  

     The “American spring”- in the middle of the winter, lasted exactly one month and ended before the end of its beginning that did not take place, because on February 14th the Israeli premier Netanyahu met Trump in Washington.

   Before that came the unexpected resign of US National Security adviser – general Michael Flynn, who didn't keep his post, which is the most important position in US administration, even a month. Well, I don't remember such a thing during the last 50 years.  

  The US National Security adviser is the corner stone in American international politics. Flynn dared to do something unthinkable.

   First , he was willing to work with Russia in rational manner in solving common problems  

  Second, Flynn declared that so called US intelligence service is a parasite, which has to be reformed which means limitation of unlimited power of CIA and the Pentagon.  

  In other words – Flynn was going to establish new Trump's policy line. But it did not happened.

   The so called “deep state” together with the Israeli lobby, created a primitive provocation and Flynn resigned because he had spoken with the Russian ambassador on open phone line, which, as usual, was tapped.

   Trump accepted the resignation and canceled the “American Spring” .

   And on February 14th , Netanyahu came to collect the “debts”. Why?

   For all professionals was clear that behind Trump's presidential campaign were the US and the Israeli Zionists, who before that preferred Hillary. But MOSSAD framed Bill with Monica in the White House. (Yes, the big Western problems are solved on that level). Nevertheless, Hillary, and after that Obama, redirected US foreign policy from Israel to Iran. They signed the nuclear deal with Teheran, dropped the sanctions, gave back 150 billion dollars etc. 

  That led to drastic deterioration in Obama – Netanyahu relations. Even Kissinger said that Israel has maximum 10 years to go.

   Netanyahu was looking for salvation. I am sure that all hacker's attacks against the democrats, the leaks from Hillary's e-mails and other scandals are coming from MOSSAD and their Internet outlet – Wikileaks.

  Of course, Netanyahu steered false tracks toward Russia and “Putin's hackers” in order to provoke clash between USA and Russia and to hide behind it . I am amazed by the Kremlin's helplessness to explain this simple bullshit.

  Nevertheless on February 14th Trump became, as other analyzers said, a Israeli “delivery boy” . The Hezbollah leader Nasrala openly called him “an idiot”. Chinese and Iranian are confused. There is a big danger for Putin.

  On the US political stage again are clowns who can impress only other clowns. But dangerous ones. Why? Because the Trump's position turned upside down:

   -Iran was declared again as main enemy and main reservoir of the worldwide terrorism ;

  -the sanctions against Iran and Russia were extended;

  -It was announced that Bashar Assad “has again to go”;

  -Trump postponed his meeting with Putin for the next 6 months, and there is a possibility that it will not take place at all. 

  -Trump refused to renew the Strategic Nuke Agreement – СНВ-3,

  -On February 2th , the US National Security representative in the UN declared that the sanctions against Russia will stay until "Russia returns Crimea to Ukraine".

  There is no “spring” and no Reset. It's an attempt to prolong and save the status quo, which is:

 - more money for the rich out the poor people pockets;

  - more wars and provocations, new profits in US war industry;

  - more false news, narcotics, pornography etc. 

  - full submission of the global oligarchy то the Zionism.

   In fact, there is no big difference who will sit the White House – Trump or Hillary. The main aim is the demolition of Russia. The West has a lot of experience in that field. London and Washington started the First, the Second and the Third /Cold/ wars. Now in the Middle East, Ukraine and the Far East they started the Fourth World War. In this moment, the two basic fronts are formed – the European and the Pacific .

  No president in the White House, has ever had a chance to be independent. He follows the instructions, which are – if you don't keep the line, you will be shot. Of course, if you wish, you can jump up and down in the same place.

  Trump started to jump. He was allowed. For now.

   If somebody thinks that the future will be somehow different is a fool. I hope that there were not such fools in Moscow and Beijing. 




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