Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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Krassimir Ivandjiiski


    The “phenomenon Trump”  was turned by the world media into a clown show. That actually is the essence of the victory of the so called “out of the system Trump”, who only confirms the dead end of the scenario. 
Ten years ago I pointed at the mad race between the Great War and the Great Crisis, or which will explode flirst before the capitalism's finish line.  
On this background the question is not why Trump was elected, but why he was selected to be elected.   
  Trump was chosen because the global backstage /the global parasite, the global predictor/ understood that he no longer can dictate, control and form the future  which is the main function of any government and because of it the world is closer to the WWIII than to the end of the crisis. And because if there is any real thing in this digital world it is the economy.  
  From this point of view, Trump is not the "savior", but the Horseman of the financial Apocalypse. He is the herald of even bigger crashes and was quickly castrated by the Deep State and the Zionists' lobby. 
 At the moment the world is out of control. The global system is falling apart. The Global Parasite lost not only its opportunity to rule, but its power to form the future. There is no longer a headquarter for joint decisions. The panic among all backstage groups, clans, brotherhoods, mobs and committees is huge. 
    The system has cancer. And something has to be done. But all attempts failed. The goals are not reached, the time has expired. 
To take Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as independent politicians is stupid. All of them are puppets , they are the top of the iceberg and the diversion from the thing, hidden deep under the water. And under the water is the system itself, which is drown and sinking.  
     We can't be sure where the collapse will start – in USA, Europe or Russia. Usually it starts from the weakest link. That's how the “money” civilization is build up. The capital needs to expand in order to get profits . But there are not new markets anymore. The profitable market demand was displaced by artificial crediting.  
And that led to another nonsense- that the banks don't need  the people, because they can "print" money out of the air. That way 300 million Americans became useless for the system which will get rid of them. That can happen with a big war.    
  The days of so called consuming society are over. Its goal was “the tube” which sucks up goods from the one end and disposes them out from the other end. That's how the capitalism works .And now, when the scheme is broken, nobody knows what to do. The chaos is everywhere.  
    The basic unit  of the system for the last 100 years were USA which means that they will vanish as well. 
They can step down in two ways -the hard or the soft. 
The hard one is WWIII. But it is too complicated and unpredictable. 
    The soft could be US giving up its hegemony but keeping its dollar as regional power.  
  Of course, China, Russia, Europe and the rest of the world, don't need the hard crash. They prefer the soft, i.e. the slow US retreat from the world's stage. 
    In this framework to treat the president as some "phenomenon" is funny because the US president has always been the most dependent figure in big politics, a puppet of the american and global oligarchy. If, for some reasons, he does not agree, he is fired. In one way or another. 
    Do you really think that Trump is able to provide independent politics? He is a showman. Even as a businessman he was a showman. USA is the stage for different shows, including political. That is their genesis. 
And the claim that Trump is heading toward economic nationalism and protectionism is not true. The US continue to stay on the edge of colossal social and economic crisis. 
Trump's election was a result of Obama's and Clinton's failure to save USA from the crisis. 
The globalization is over, and for Trump that means: 
-leaving the World Trade Organization, 
-demolition of the free movement of goods, people and money 
-separating from Asia and South America by customs and other barriers 
-the attempt for reanimation of the american industry is impossible without big federal investments in the real sector. But the US debt is over 20 trillion dollars. From where the money for the industry will come? From printing more dollars? 
This is the end of the global neo-liberal capitalism based on the principle “one world, one market, one dollar”.  
 That means that hopes Trump will become second issue of Roosevelt's NIRA are dead born.  
 That also means that american establishment has no other but the second option- the hard way, to get out from the crisis with a big war . 
         There are only clouds on the horizon 

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