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Deep State Setting Up Trump for Impeachment


    Soft Coup in the Works: Deep State Setting Up Trump for Impeachment


    “Sharing classified info with Russia” Story
    Major Piece of Impeachment Plot

    State of the Nation

    There can be no doubt that Deep State has been using the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Democratic Party to overthrow the Trump administration since January 20th of 2017.

    The agents of Deep State have also been employing all of the worst RINO’s in Congress (e.g. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham) to assist in the unfolding conspiracy to impeach President Donald Trump.

    Not a week has passed since Election Day that the MSM hasn’t taken advantage of every opportunity to publish fake news about Trump and/or his key advisors and appointees.

    Truly, no one has ever seen anything like the super-sensational circus that is being staged Inside the Beltway by Deep State—24/7.   Nonetheless, this whole political melodrama is deadly serious … from beginning to end.

    Much bigger story than impeachment

    There are actually two schemes being executed at once.

    The impeachment set-up is quite obvious.

    The other much more complex and convoluted conspiracy to inexorably bend the will of the POTUS to the commands of Deep State is far less apparent.  Nevertheless, this is the much “bigger story” which has the potential to send the American Republic into an unprecedented political, social and economic cataclysm.

    What is really being exposed in 2017 is the “manipulation mechanism” by which Deep State has always controlled the leading (and lesser) politicians throughout the world.  All that has to be done is for a false accusation to be planted within the MSM which has legs. Or shall we say is made to become a media millipede.  The more legs, the farther and faster the fake news will travel around the globe.

    Every politician has always been at the mercy of the MSM…while the MSM has always been completely controlled by Deep State.  Each and every pol is made or broken with the support or disapproval, respectively, of their local (and worldwide) media.

    What Donald Trump has been experiencing is an all-out weekly attack on his presidency, his entire administration and the patriot movement which put him in the White House. Each day brings a new onslaught of false accusations and barrage of fake news.  With each daily news cycle the MSM concocts more false allegations against the president and his surrogates–with seemingly absolute impunity.

    Trump’s ever-intensifying plight is really the plight of every politician and public official across the land.  Simply put, if people in power go against the dictates of Deep State, TPTB will bring about their downfall in short order.   And, the higher the platform that is used to proclaim one’s political independence, the greater the fall will be.

    President Trump has taken his highly politically incorrect agenda to new heights.  His unique brand of Trump moxie and mayhem has given Deep State much to fear.  Not only has the swamp never seen such a politically unpredictable creature, every swamp monster in Washington and beyond now faces grave danger.

    Political death by a thousand cuts

    Deep State will not rest until Trump is either completely taken over or overthrown.  The intelligence community has already attempted to take control of him by proxies within his family and inner circle.  Nevertheless, Trump has still quite deftly utilized his wrecking ball to expose (and destroy) the entire political establishment.

    Israel’s House of Kushner Now Runs the Trump Administration for the NWO Globalists

    Deep State’s response to Trump’s incessant tweeting has been to encourage leaking throughout the West Wing.  In this way TPTB are sending a message: the Executive Branch is literally owned and operated by the U.S. Government, Inc.  The POTUS is merely the CEO and President who serves at the pleasure of the secret (and unaccountable) board of directors.  Therefore, Trump’s every thought, word and action is closely watched and misrepresented to produce an unfavorable outcome for him, yet favorable for Deep State.

    Because the White House is hardwired for spying and surveillance by the NSA, CIA and FBI 24/7, Trump cannot make a single move without the U.S. Intelligence Community knowing about it beforehand.  The agents of Deep State plan to inflict enough damage via compromising leaks so that an environment of extreme paranoia permeates the White House.  In this fashion the entire White House staff will become so mutually suspicious that paralysis will eventually set in.

    Ultimately the saboteurs hope for Trump’s political death from within and without. Because he cannot really trust anyone, especially his own complicit family, from whom can he seek truly wise and honest counsel?  There is no one in his administration who has not already been or who cannot be quickly compromised.  After a critical mass of fabricated trust-busting events take place, Trump’s political capital will then be expended, even with his base.  This is their plan.

    Key Point: The unlawful missile attack against Syria was a stealthily planned war crime that was ordered by President Trump but deliberately engineered by National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster.  Lieutenant General McMaster is not only an active U.S. Army service-member, he is also a longstanding employee of the Military-Industrial Complex.  In that capacity, he is an agent of Deep State who has absolutely no loyalty to Trump, but remains committed to his true masters whose primary objective is maintaining the perpetual war economy.

    Trump’s whole lineup of secretaries and appointees, as well as close advisors and political consultants, have their own respective and mostly hidden agendas.  Even White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon really works for the politically active, billionaire Mercer family.  The Mercers funded Bannon’s various initiatives at Breitbart when he was chairman, and they will likely employ him if and when he leaves the Trump administration.


    What’s the point?

    Trump is now an island sitting in a sea of conflicting and hidden agendas.  His most trusted advisors cannot even be relied upon to provide unbiased counsel.  Of course, life in the White House has always been like this, except that in the age of Trump, this dynamic has been amplified exponentially.  Deep State never had an enemy like it does in the person and president of Donald J. Trump.

    If there is one thing that Deep State always seeks to maximize, it is compliance and predictability.  In President Trump, neither of these qualities can be found; unless, he is being strategically blackmailed and/or bribed around an extremely personal issue.  Of course, there is always the very real threat to his life and threats to his family, should he not perform certain non-negotiable tasks.  Likewise, deliberate inaction is also a frequent request made by the agents of Deep State which Trump may ignore.

    The much larger issue here is that Deep State is literally everywhere, and, therefore, unbeatable.  Trump is just one man serving a relatively short and finite 4-year term.  He will come and go in the blink of an eye … but, then, so do 12.0 earthquakes.  Trump has already taken his trusty wrecking ball to once venerated institutions and political brands within Deep State with extraordinary effect.  As follows:

    Why did The Powers That Be (TPTB) decide to derisively dump the Clinton crime family, after ignominiously dethroning the Bush political dynasty, during the 2016 campaign season? Even the Obama legacy has been irreparably tainted by WiretapGate, Emailgate and Syriagate, all of which were blown wide open by The Donald.

    Additionally, Candidate Trump was permitted to forever wreck and ruin the credibility of the Mainstream Media (MSM) with the searingly accurate label of “fake news”. He also took his wrecking ball to both the Republican Party establishment and the Soros-hijacked Democratic Party. By exposing them both as thoroughly fraudulent institutions that do not work for the American people, he completely wrecked both political brands.

    Simply put, this kind of profound and pervasive political destruction doesn’t take place except by purposeful design. How could any candidate ever acquire such a high and sustained media platform unless it is deliberately provided by the “hidden hand” of global governance (i.e. World Shadow Government). After all, TPTB own and operate the entire MSM. Nothing makes it onto the evening news or front pages of the newspapers unless it was “planned that way”.
    (Source: 2016 Election Mystery Solved, “Hidden Hand” Reveals Itself, Secret Plot Against Russia Exposed)

    The NWO globalists now work overtime to scuttle Trump’s “Titanic” before it hits the Deep State iceberg.  The globalists know that, with Trump at the helm of the ship of state, the USS Titanic luxury ocean liner might just be an icebreaker in disguise.  And everyone knows that the Russians make the world’s best icebreakers!

    Special Note:
    Once again, Donald Trump has exposed the underbelly of the beast commonly known Deep State.  Whether he has done so wittingly or unwittingly, Trump has laid bare the inner workings of this ubiquitous and clandestine global entity which effectively rules the world.  Deep State is, after all, the collective of every secret society, exclusive organization, national government, large corporation, major university, research institution, mainstream media outlet, intelligence agency, secret service, etc. across the planet. Regardless of what Trump does or does not accomplish for the American people as POTUS, he has already performed a great service for the nation.  In almost two years he has achieved more with his ever-present wrecking ball than anyone else in modern history. The essential point is that We the People owe a “tremendous” debt of gratitude for Trump’s exceptional willingness and self-sacrifice.  No one has ever given up so much only to receive so much grief and unwarranted persecution as The Donald.  Who else would stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning tweeting his missives across cyberspace in the interest of telling the raw truth that no one else dares to tell.


    No matter what happens during the rest of Trump’s presidency, life is going to get very, VERY interesting.  The ongoing and unparalleled daily spectacle in Washington, D.C., however, cannot end well—from a purely mundane and political perspective, that is.  Both sides of this fight are dug in so deeply and are further from compromise than ever before. Hence, things are truly shaping up for an epic war that will undoubtedly be era-ending.

    This is precisely why Deep State feels it has no choice but to bring the curtain down on The Donald Show.  TPTB know that the longer that We the People watch this captivating show, the more will climb on board the Trump Train.  Trump himself said it on numerous occasions that it was “the movement” that caused the tectonic shift of 2016.  That the popular and patriot movements, marked by a resurgent nationalism, were galvanized by the people, not him.  He was merely the spearhead who was chosen to lead the way against the unrelenting globalization of the planet.

    To what extent Deep State surreptitiously manufactured the election outcome remains to be seen.  For there are always competing agendas even at the tip of the iceberg of Deep State.  While there is an extremely powerful faction which assured Trump’s election, there are also many powerful forces which sought to deny him the victory.  Those same entities now work tirelessly to bring down Trump’s Tower in D.C. anyway they can.  Which begs the question: Where is this all going?

    That question will be conclusively answered by September 23rd of this year.

    State of the Nation
    May 16, 2017


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