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David Martin: Censored by Amazon



When I sent my review of the powerful new book by Phillip Nelson, Ronald Kukal, Ernest Gallo, and Phillip Tourney, Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas, to this past Monday morning, I went the extra mile to make sure that it would be displayed so people could read it. I have noticed that Amazon first displays only the reviews of customers who are “verified purchasers” of the book from Amazon. Although the review I had written and had already put on my web site was based upon a review copy that Nelson had sent me a few weeks before the actual publication date, I went to the trouble and expense of buying a copy from Amazon as a gift for a relative. Indeed, when I access the Amazon page for the book from my computer, I have this little reminder at the top of the page, “You purchased this item on June 10, 2017.”


What I attempted to put up was the review that I had posted on my web site with the exception of the section entitled “From ‘Catalyzing Event’ to Cover-up.” That excision of almost a third of the original review was done as a further precaution against the non-posting of the review because it was too long.   The only links I had in the review were to the Amazon pages of the various other books on the Liberty massacre.


When I had finished and hit the button for posting the review, I got a message that my review had been received, that it was being reviewed, or words to that effect, and that I would receive an email message as soon as it was posted. Four days have now passed and I am still waiting. It’s pretty clear that the review is never going to see the light of day on Amazon, and other evidence suggests to me that this is a clear act of censorship on the part of the company that also now owns The Washington Post.


Ruddy-Book Review Hidden


The primary reason for my suspicion is the treatment that Amazon has given to my review of The Strange Death of Vincent Foster by Christopher Ruddy. As you can see here, I posted it on Amazon on September 15, 2007, I gave the book three stars, and at the time that I accessed the page 45 of 46 people had “found it helpful.” The favorableness with which readers had judged the review had more than qualified it to be touted for several years as the “top critical review.” Apparently a review is judged to be “critical” if it carries fewer than four stars.


Recently, though, I checked on the Amazon page for Ruddy’s book and found that my review had been bumped from its prominent place. The “Top critical review” that they are now touting was only posted on April 23 of this year and only two people so far have found it “helpful.” That review gave the book the same three stars that I did. By anything resembling an objective standard, my review has it all over that one.


Right above the title of that review, Amazon invites you to “See all 9 critical reviews,” and you can do that by clicking on the embedded link. What comes up are only four reviews, neither of which is mine, and I can find no way to discover what the other five reviews are short of scrolling through all 73 reviews at the link where one is invited to do so. By that method I was able to discover that my review is now buried away on the fifth page that one reaches through the scrolling process. That is apparently the only way in which the review can now be found. If you try clicking on their little bar chart for all the 3-star reviews, only two of them come up and neither of them is mine.


Special Attention


It is pretty clear that my review of The Strange Death of Vincent Foster is still receiving some special attention by the people at Amazon, but not on account of the review’s merit. What, one must wonder, caused them to kick me into the outhouse, as it were? Permit me to engage in some speculation. Followers of current events might have noticed that Ruddy has recently risen to a new position of prominence in the country as a crony of President Donald Trump. Most recently, he was the source of the news that Trump is thinking of dismissing Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Even The Washington Post, which in the forefront of media opponents of President Trump, has had a major fluff piece on Ruddy characterizing him as “the Trump whisperer.”


Once again, we must remind you that Jeff Bezos, the ostensible founder and owner of Amazon is now also the ostensible owner of The Washington Post. I say “ostensible” because shortly after Bezos purchased The Post Amazon received a $600 million contract from the CIA to provide “cloud services” to the agency. In my review of The Money and the Power I talk about media moguls and other prominent businessmen who are most likely to be front men for intelligence agencies and provide evidence that, even before Bezos bought it, The Post was little more than a front for the CIA. Similarly, in “Double Agent Ruddy Reaching for Media Pinnacle,” I argue that Ruddy’s Newsmax is also a front for an intelligence organization, although more likely for Israel’s Mossad than for the CIA.


It was probably that article, more than anything else, that attracted the adverse attention from Amazon, got my review of Ruddy’s book hidden away, and made me a marked man when it came to especially sensitive topics. In retrospect, to shorten my original review I think I might have done better to leave off that last section if “sensitivity” had been my biggest concern. That might well be what got the review canned, and, as a reminder, I must repeat it here:


Where Does Your Allegiance Lie?


Although half a century has now passed, hardly any event, when looked at in the clear light of day, permits us to come to grips more completely with the political reality of the United States today than does the assault on the USS Liberty. We live in an era in which members of the United States military have never been more venerated. From sports events to airport encounters, we’re expected to honor them at every turn. “Support the troops” is seemingly an admonition that no one can disagree with.


All of the military reverence comes to a screeching halt, though, when it comes to the surviving crewmen of the USS Liberty. They can only be brushed aside, with their demands for a true accounting for what was done to them by our great “ally” with the connivance of their own leaders. For our politicians to do otherwise and to get to the bottom of what happened there in the Eastern Mediterranean on June 8, 1967, would put them on a collision course with the real ruling power in the country. When it comes down to the choice of supporting our troops or supporting the ethnic-supremacist state of Israel, whose fundamental nature was revealed as much by the Liberty attack as it was by the Lavon Affair, and for whom we regularly pour out our fortune, our credibility, and our blood, Israel it has to be.


Concerning that ethnic-supremacist state and its historical tactics, I feel that I was a bit remiss in my review of Remember the Liberty in not taking issue with Nelson’s apparent argument that President Lyndon Johnson played a bigger role in conceiving and orchestrating the Liberty attack than did Israel’s leaders themselves. I would remind him that Johnson could certainly have had nothing to do with the false-flag Lavon Affair or with the false-flag 9/11 attacks. Furthermore, as Henry Makow documents, false flag terror is “the oldest trick in the Zionist toolbag.”


As a final note, we can’t help but notice that the number of customers’ reviews of Remember the Liberty seems to be stuck on three. We know from our own failed attempt that Amazon has received at least four at this point. One can’t help but wonder if the order has come down from the owner, Bezos, or from whoever pulls his strings, that the popularity of this extremely eye-opening book must be suppressed. One must wonder how many other reviews Amazon has received besides mine and how many it might receive in the days ahead that will never be permitted to see the light of day.


Heretofore, Amazon’s customer reviews have been sources of information that one might not receive anywhere else. It was from reading such a review that I learned about the attempt by the Zionist Stern Gang to assassinate President Harry Truman in 1947. Are we now witnessing the insertion of a plug in this little leak in the dike that prevents us from learning the truth about the founders and the leaders of the little country that now seems to have this big country’s politicians and its news media in its hip pocket?


David Martin

June 29, 2017




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